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Novel Writing Competitions 2014

The competitions featured here are for unpublished or self-published novels. New Updated Competition Listing: https://jessicadavidson.co.uk/2016/11/14/novel-writing-competitions-for-international-uk-writers/


27 thoughts on “Novel Writing Competitions 2014

  1. On 2014/09/23 at 12:42 pm Barbara Bamberger Scott wrote:

    I am hoping you will not pass over the novel writing competition at A Woman’s Write, on the web for 11 years, with a $500US prize for the winning entry annually, open to any woman over 18 writing in English. Our entrants, besides US writers, have included submitters from the UK, India, South Africa, Australia, and Ireland. Please look at the website and submit now for the closing date of November 30. Every entrant receives a thorough, thoughtful critique and line edits for the first ten pages of the manuscript. We offer editing, reviewing and critique services year round. I put this gentle advert in the form of a comment as I found no other method of reaching the hostess of this useful, tasteful and enjoyable website. Thank you — Barbara Bamberger Scott


  2. Thank you for posting this list. It’s a great help for people like me who are trying to figure out how to promote their novel.


  3. Great to see articles like these posted for wothwhile writing competitions – we put so much effort into our little creations they deserve being entered into credible arenas/formats to give them the best possible advantages! Cheers


    1. Hi Daniel and thanks for the link. It looks like an interesting competition – but all the comps on this list are for full length novels. But the link is there in your post if anyone wants to check it out…


  4. Hi
    Many thanks for listing our Yeovil Literary Prize. Just a couple of points: we now don’t specify the number of chapters to submit. All we say is synopsis and opening chapter(s) not to exceed 15,000 words. It is left to the authors to judge how best to put the package together! Also, being an international competition, we often run into problems on payments from entrants in Nigeria, Bangladesh, and even Iran. If entrants with payment problems leave a message using our website, we will always get back to them with a solution! We need the money – we are part of a charity whose aim is to sponsor the arts in South Somerset.
    Thanks again


  5. Tanx so much 4 dis info. I no u r nt connected 2 any of dese companies bt pls I nid 2 ask in order nt 2 waste my writing tym checking dier websites. My qst is r Africans allowed 2 enter dese competitions or r dey strictly 4 Americans and Europeans? Tanx a million.


    1. Hi Deedee, thanks for stopping by. Some of the competitions listed here are international, but some aren’t. The Northern Writers Awards for instance, is just for people living in the north east of England. I’m afraid there’s no easy way to know whether you can enter. You’ll have to check their websites for the details.


    1. Hello Gurpreet.
      If you have any queries regarding any of the competitions you need to get in touch with them directly via their websites. I don’t have any connection to any of these competitions, as per the note in red above. Please check with them as I’m sure they can answer your questions.



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