Being Creative in a Mad World: Acting

To be creative you must act. Creativity is meaningless if it isn’t acted upon and made real. If you do nothing, you’ve got nothing.

You become what you do.

In the face of the immensity of the universe and overwhelmed by your own smallness, it’s easy to believe you are insignificant. You work to create a life worth living only to go and turn up your toes and die just when it starts to get interesting. One hundred or a thousand years later, who gives a damn?

But life isn’t lived in the future or the past. It is lived now, and that’s where you find your significance, your meaning. Instead of retreating in fear into nihilism and despair (however well disguised), you do something. Something positive and life affirming.

Act on your desire
Act on your desire

Acting is an answer to despair, because doing something positive is always better than doing nothing.

By acting on your creativity you give voice to your human potential. It is an act of embodying what it means to be alive and to be you, here and now. A refusal to turn away from yourself, your life or your creative work.

Your actions are the only things you own. Your actions are the ground on which you stand.

What stops you in your tracks? How do you blast through it? Take action now and share your thoughts below…  Next time: Affirming

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2 thoughts on “Being Creative in a Mad World: Acting

  1. You’re so right! Action is the best antidote for despair. When I was younger, and working as a scientist in a largely male department, I went through periodic depressions. Sometimes I would write – fiction – that expressed the frustration and aggravation I felt at the time. It was very therapeutic.


    1. Hi Joanne. I’ve written myself out of a few depressions over the years too. Putting it all down on paper (or screen) objectifies it and stops the ruminating mind from running away with itself.


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