The Story Behind Mars

The Mars archetype represents our will power, assertiveness and sex drive. It is how we initiate action and go after what we want, showing courage and aggression. Mars rules the sign of Aries. The symbol is the circle of spirit with an arrow firing upwards.

MarsKeywords for Mars:
  • Energy
  • Competition
  • Conflict
  • Anger
  • Violence
  • Will

Mars Myths


In Greek mythology we have Ares, god of war. He was the son of Hera, Queen of the Gods, and born without a father. Ares is depicted as vicious, violent and full of battle lust and blood frenzy. He’s usually seen in a negative way, but when viewed positively, Ares shows courage and heart.

Ares is balanced by his sister Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy, and champion of heroes. Athena was born directly from Zeus’s head, without a mother. She was a virgin and a warrior, and is generally seen as more civilised than her crazy brother Ares.

Mars Myths on Film

300 tells the story of a small army of Spartans and how they fought their final battle against the Persian army. Easiest way to summarise this film: a bunch of men wearing nothing but leather knickers and red capes, get slaughtered in spectacular style by a bunch of freaks with piercings. There’s tons of blood and Gerard Butler shouting. A perfect depiction of the insanity of Ares.

300 © 2007 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
300 © 2007 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

Erin Brockovich tells the story of a single mother fighting to get her life back on track. After her lawyer fails to get her a settlement after a car accident, Erin (played by Julia Roberts) bulldozes him into giving her a job as compensation. She discovers a cover-up at a company guilty of contaminating the local water supply, and sets about bringing them to justice.

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