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Novel Writing Competitions 2015

A selection of international writing competitions for unpublished and self-published novels. Click through to the new updated list for all the links and new competitions for 2017: Novel Writing Competitions 2017


24 thoughts on “Novel Writing Competitions 2015

  1. Hi, Jessica! We at Killer Nashville would be honored if you’d include our annual Claymore competition on your list: http://www.claymoreaward.com

    It is open to all authors (published or not), but the contest is limited to unpublished manuscripts not currently under contract that fit into any subgenre of mystery or thriller. Winnings include over $3,000 in prizes, plus possible book advance and book publication, and possible agent representation. We’re going on our seventh year of the Claymore Award, and so far, we’ve had quite a few exciting success stories from our winners and finalists–many of whom were previously unpublished.


    1. Hi Clay. Thanks for these details. One question: is it an international competition or is it just open to people in the US? I had a quick look at the website and it seems very American-centric!


      1. Hi, Jessica! Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, it is indeed an international competition, although most of our success stories are currently from the U.S. In fact, several of our finalists this year are from Canada, and we’d love to continue expanding the list of countries whose excellent authors we feature!

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  2. How useful thank you.
    A year or so ago I would never have thought I’d be considering novel writing competitions. Having entered a number of short story competitions it has all become slightly compelling, almost a meditation. It makes me wonder what I did with my time before I started trying to write creatively.

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  3. Dear Jessica, Thank you researching and posting this excellent list of international contests. Actually, yours is the best I’ve found anywhere. Thanks and good luck in all your endeavors. Regards, Rich Novotney / richnovotney.com


  4. Jessica, just a quick thank you, not only for this list, but for all the information you supply to us newbies….you always present it willingly, and with a kind heart 🙂

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        1. Thanks Julie, that’s very kind. I’ve only been writing for about 10 years or so, and it doesn’t feel like a long time. I still don’t know what I’m doing 😉 But then again, I’m reliably informed that’s always true.

          Embrace your beginner’s mind!

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  5. Please do not forget A Woman’s Write. Our novel writing competition closes annually on November 30, and every entry receives a thoughtful, thorough critique. We have entries from women all over the world. The website — http://www.awomanswrite.com — gives all needed details. $500 US to the winner, and a good mention on the website. Many other services available to women writers throughout the year.



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