Dark Night of the Soul

Remember to turn on the light



2 thoughts on “Remember to turn on the light

  1. Life is a game of creativity. Aeroplanes, motors, houses, good governance, beneficial education, saviour sermons and songs, curer drugs and many more good things are the creations of sensible people. Knowing this is the best initiation or education. Of course the miseducated made holocausts.


  2. Initiation is really when a person discovered that life is a mage game where Almighty God is the saviour maat. Maat is the Holiest map of the route to salvation. The word lnitiation explains education into human being’s society. Religion as the oldest form of initiation for most people. The atheist lacks the true education. The Jewish cabala teaches us that life is a game of creativity and that God Jehovah is supreme creator. Initiation teaches the initiates what is which about the visible and the invisible players.


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