We Are One Consciousness

We're all one consciousness

Courtesy of Tim Freke


6 thoughts on “We Are One Consciousness

  1. Come to think of it Bill was a great healer in many regards, because he laid bare the shadow psychic contents of modern society, he forced people to confront the repressed darkness and accept it.

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      1. I remember some of the shows where Bill came out in a black cowboy hat and long jacket. It seemed like a reference to that Johnny Cash song, Man in Black. A song about acknowledging, confronting and working through suffering in the world. “Till things are brighter, I’m the man in black.” To take a Jungian view, I see that as a reference to the shadow self in the collective human conciousness.

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  2. Thanks Jessica, beautiful comment and wonderful image.


    This seems apropos – I just copied this from the board at the entryway to the Monday night meditation we go to here in Asheville, NC:


    Awakening Deepest Nature Meditation





    Relax into your exhalation

    Inhale with bright alertness

    Settle into natural alert awareness – your deepest self

    Let thoughts pass like clouds in the sky.

    You are awareness, you are life



    Be the moment arising in awareness

    Nothing more is needed

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