Writer’s Manifesto: E is for Exercise

Manifesto E

Exercise more than your mind.

Movement helps you to think…

…and rouses the muse from sleep.

>Writer’s Manifesto (pdf)

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Manifesto: E is for Exercise

  1. Actually that’s one of my biggest attachments. When I’m in the zone. All else ceases to exist. Sometimes I even forget to eat. Working on that.


      1. Yeah, it would be way too easy for me to become a hermit that way. But I realized that it’s not so healthy to live in my head all the time.


        1. Having less time recently has made me more productive as a writer, because it forces me to break of my writing sessions into smaller but more frequent bits. That way I just let go and just get something down instead of pondering and fiddling around. But it’s hard, I do enjoy pottering around and stewing in those creative juices.

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