How to Be Creative: Free E-Book

How To Be Creative coverIf you enjoyed my recent series on Living Creatively, you can now download the whole thing as an e-book!

This Free Your Pen Guide explores how to be creative and the qualities you need to survive in a world gone mad. Designed to inspire and empower you to live a more creative life.

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Creativity is a state of mind that says YES to life and runs to meet it with open arms. To be creative you must master yourself and your environment.

This e-book explores the 15 qualities you need in order to be creative: Existing, Loving, Dreaming, Thinking, Choosing, Meaning, Doubting, Committing, Encountering, Acting, Affirming, Rebelling, Looking, Learning, and Stopping.

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Originally posted as a blog series on Free Your Pen, and then updated and rewritten for this site last year. Inspired by the creativity guide Fearless Creating by Eric Maisel.

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Cover Image: Klaus Friese