Can’t blog… Writing!

I’m taking a break from blogging – just for a bit – while I finish rewriting my second novel. There’s not enough space in my head for plotting and character arcs and avoiding the cliche klaxon, and coming up with interesting stuff to share with you lot! So things may be quiet around these parts for a few weeks. In the meantime, here’s a picture of Snoopy typing…


…which is what I’m doing – right now! – only I’m not sitting on top of my kennel.

Be good. Back soon!



6 thoughts on “Can’t blog… Writing!

  1. Good for you! And best wishes on your writing. I took about a six-month hiatus from blogging–partly because I was sick and partly because I was revising and editing a book I’ve been working on for about five years. Just finished, but I doubt I’ll ever get back to the level of blogging I did before. Too many other projects I’d like to work on.


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