Part of Fortune in Aquarius

pof-aquariusThe Part of Fortune in the signs shows how you can find joy by allowing the energy of the sign to flow freely. With the Part of Fortune in Aquarius you achieve happiness and success through freedom and detachment from constraints.

You are idealistic, unbiased and fair-minded, with a future-oriented approach to life. You’re interested in new ideas that stimulate your inventiveness and originality, and want to know as much as possible about everything and how it all fits together. Being detached and objective means you know that things can be different without one thing being better than another. You can use this humanitarian understanding and non-judgemental perspective to make innovative contributions to your community.

You have a strong social idealism but also want the freedom to explore your own self-awakening. You want to do your own thing and may seek solitude to escape from traditional social roles and prefer an unconventional lifestyle. You’re a true free spirit who can see future possibilities and trends before they become popular and use this to your advantage. Happiness will come through making a contribution that benefits everyone, and you may do well in a technological or progressive environment where equality is appreciated.

The point opposite the Part of Fortune may block the free flow of energy and make it harder to find joy, but only if you take it personally. If you allow it to manifest impersonally it will help you achieve happiness. The opposite sign here is Leo so you can see how people try to get personal power and self-respect, but can also see how that process can be abused and misused.

If you get too wrapped up in your ego drives for power and recognition it will block your ability to be truly free and joyful. Happiness will come by embracing your detachment from the ego and this will help you to free yourself from social attitudes that could hold you back. By accepting your uniqueness and taking an objective view of your own path, you can free yourself from collective and social roles and expectations, and then share what you discover. Your ideas and visions can then be used by others to free themselves.

Aquarius Pot of Gold

You’ll find joy by exploring your own awareness and opening to the possibilities of the future. Freedom is the key to your happiness.

  • Celebrate your own uniqueness and that of others.
  • Follow your own path.
  • Share your insights and ideas.
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5 thoughts on “Part of Fortune in Aquarius

  1. How would one read POF in 12th house of Aquarius at 29 degrees ( 5, 17 & 29 are powerful degrees) conjunct Neptune?


    1. To be fair, that’s something Aquarius excels at.

      FYI: these interpretations are summarised from the Martin Schulman book ‘Karmic Astrology: Joy and the Part of Fortune.”


  2. You said the key words, “freedom and detachment from constraints”. Having my independence, freedom, uniqueness, and unlimited knowledge is the key to my happiness. I love doing humanitarian work, but in a low key way. I enjoy helping others and then keeping it moving without any emotional attachment. This is me all day every day!!!!

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