21st Century Crisis

Time to Wake Up: Let Them Eat Chaos – Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest – bodhisattva in action – is back with her new album Let Them Eat Chaos, an epic poem set to music. The poem is a call for us to wake up and smell the perfect coffee for what it is, and a commentary on how we live in a world in crisis – the distractions, desperation, and joys of being alive. Here’s a video of the blistering performance she recorded for the BBC, a furious and compassionate cry for empathy and love in alienated times.

The poem starts with a view of the earth as a whole and then zooms in to one street in London where seven individuals live their isolated lives. Each character in the poem is used to voice various concerns about the state of the world. Pay attention and listen. If it gets too much for you (and please stay with her, it’s worth it) skip to 44 mins in and watch Tunnel Vision where she brings it all together.

We’re living in dark times, trapped by our isolation and apparently oblivious as the world burns. “Here’s me outside the palace of me!” Our isolation is killing us and the planet. “The myth of the individual has left us disconnected, lost, and pitiful.”

Kate Tempest takes the heartache and rage, and alchemises it into a work that draws you in and makes you feel less alone in your anguish. Her work owes as much to the visions of William Blake as to the rap of Wu-Tang Clan. Always inspirational. Never more relevant.

“When we gonna see that life is happening?
And every single body bleeding on its knees is an abomination
Every natural being is making communication
We’re just sparks, tiny parts of a bigger constellation
Miniscule molecules that make up one body
The tragedy and pain of a person you have never met
Is present in your nightmares and in your pull towards despair
The sickness in this culture, and the sickness in our hearts
Is a sickness that’s inflicted by this distance that we share

What we gonna do to wake up?
We sleep so deep it don’t matter how they shake us
If we can’t face it, we can’t escape it…”

from Tunnel Vision

Do what you remember. Wake up and love more.

A storm is coming…




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