Scriptwriting Competitions for Screenplays & Stage Plays

Scriptwriting Competition List. Includes International and UK competitions for screenwriters and playwrights. This post has now moved to my writing blog Free Your Pen here: https://jesdavidson.wordpress.com/2021/01/02/screenwriting-competitions-scripts-stage-plays/


10 thoughts on “Scriptwriting Competitions for Screenplays & Stage Plays

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Would you mind adding our free radio short competition, as described here in the BBC Writers Room: https://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/opportunities/little-wonder, that is open for short full cast audio dramas until August 30th.

    I’m particularly keen to add that we have additional opportunities for feedback to writers who identify as BAME (ie. non-white) or LGBTQ+, but so far while having had a huge number of entries have not had many from these groups. We’d love to hear from anybody who wants to write radio, but we’d be especially delighted to hear more diverse voices!


  2. Hi Jessica, Please will you consider adding our One Act Play Writing competition details to your website?
    Now in its 7th year, Sterts Theatre One Act Play Writing Competition is looking for 30 minute one act plays for up to 4 adult actors suitable for performance in a studio space. Deadline 31st July 2018. Full details of competition rules and prizes can be found on our website http://www.sterts.co.uk. Many thanks. Ruth


  3. Hi Jessica
    I’d be very grateful if you would feature our new online playwriting festival on your pages. We’ve been supporting new writing for the last 5 years with local theatre productions featuring new work, and are now taking this online to reach a much wider audience. Details available from http://www.fullcircletheatre.net Radio Theatre page! Thanks, Amanda

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