Things are changing around here

The intrepid among you may have noticed a few changes around these parts lately. New content has appeared as if by magic (imported, actually, but we can pretend) and visitor numbers have gone up. So if you’re new to this corner of the internet: hello and welcome!

The new posts come from my old astrology blog: Stealing Fire from the Gods. I haven’t been able to update it for ages, and along with my other blogs and trying to write a book, it was all getting a bit unmanageable. So I’m streamlining.

Everything will now be hosted here on Right Mindfulness: Write Thought. There’s tons of archives which you can explore using the menus and links on the sidebar, or follow the links in this mini site map:

  • My Books – there’s only one, but another is on its way
  • Writing – resources, creativity, craft, and inspiration
  • Astrology – chart interpretations, transits, and more to come
  • Archives – spirituality, psychology, book reviews, and inspiration

You can also risk a random post here.

So what’s next? Well, I’m busy finishing my book on lojong slogans for writers and while I’m writing that I’m not writing much else. I’ll be talking more about the book in the new year, but you can read the blog version of it now on the Free Your Pen blog.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy exploring the archives. I’ll be back with more musings later…



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