Saturn Transits: 11th House

When Saturn transits the Eleventh House the need for security and achievement influences your long-term goals and how you relate to society at large. While the 10th house covers your worldly ambitions, this house is about your individual purpose, how you see your function in the wider society, and what you want to do on a personal level to develop into the future.

When Saturn transits the 11th house you’ll have to face up to the reality of the way you’ve been living: what you’ve done, what you’ve failed to do, and what you should do in the future, especially in relation to other people and society in general. This is the time to discover what you should be giving to others, which obviously depends on the position you hold in society.

If things went well during Saturn’s transit of your 10th house, you’ll probably feel pretty good – secure and well established in your position. You may now gain recognition or rewards for the work you’ve been doing, but as with the 10th house, it could go either way. If you avoided the challenge of Saturn in the 10th, or if you haven’t been true to yourself and you’ve compromised your deepest values, then this transit could bring some painful experiences. This is the moment when you reap what you’ve sown.

Saturn in the 11th reminds you that you can’t achieve anything in the world without others. We’re all interconnected and dependent on each other, so this transit encourages you to take responsibility for your position in the community. How you treat others will reflect back on you now, so if you take more than you give, or you expect more than you deserve or have earned, you may come unstuck. Saturn will deliver some instant karma.

This transit helps you to gain insight into your expectations of others, and theirs of you, and any hidden agendas or motivations behind your social commitments. It’s a good time to explore your personal objectives and define who you want to be and become, and what role you think you’re ideally suited for within the community. You can only do this by taking others into account. Saturn encourages you to take responsibility for how you relate to people, not on a one to one basis, but in general.

The challenge here is that your goals and aspirations should serve the collective in some way. This doesn’t have to be on a grand scale, it might just involve your friends or other groups and associations that you’re part of. Your contribution should mean something to everyone involved, so you may need to think about what you can offer. What gifts do you have that you can share with humanity?

Your friendships and associations may be tested and you might change friends if the old ones no longer share your sense of purpose. If you have difficulties with your friends it could be a reflection of a deeper unconscious motivation that’s driving your behaviour. You may need to check your deepest values against the values of any group to which you belong, and you might want to get involved in a collective cause, such as environmental protection, or political or social justice movements.

Possibilities with Saturn transiting the 11th:
  • Teamwork and group activities
  • Achieving your goals and wishes
  • Sharing knowledge and skills with others
  • Activism
Watch out for:
  • Failure and disappointment
  • Instant karma
  • Acrimonious breakups with friends
  • Why does everybody hate me?!

Saturn in this house helps you to understand yourself as an individual and see how you relate to society as a whole. You can see where you belong and what you can do or give to help others. Now is the time to share with others the fruits of your experience and everything you’ve learned during Saturn’s transit of the previous ten houses. But it’s also important to remember your limitations.

If you get involved in social causes at this time, be careful that they genuinely reflect the deeper values of your soul, because once Saturn moves away from this house you might find yourself caught up in something that isn’t right for you on a deeper level. You may be overinvested which could drain your energy going forward.

You can’t help everyone or solve every problem, no matter how much you may want to. You have certain skills, talents and gifts, and you must share them now, but don’t forget to take time out for yourself too. This will become increasingly important as Saturn approaches and then enters the 12th house and the dissolution of your identity begins.

(Personal note: I’m currently experiencing Saturn in my 11th house and here I am writing these posts to share my perspective on these transits!)


  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Saturn in Transit – Erin Sullivan
  • Astrology, Karma, & Transformation – Stephen Arroyo
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6 thoughts on “Saturn Transits: 11th House

  1. Saturn has just entered my 11th house along with Pluto being there in later degrees of Capricorn. This is also my Saturn return. I must say that it has been insane when it comes to friends. Whether it’s people I had just met or known for years something happens that triggers one of us to go our separate ways.

    Conversely, I have met many new people and new social circles. At the beginning of my Saturn return I went back to college to pursue my dream career after dropping out of college almost a decade ago.; which has been going successfully for me. I know what I want to be in life and the world is my oyster.

    As for the losing some friends thing I could not care any less. Good riddance. Saturn will take you away from people or take people from ur social groups and friend circles you do NOT need. Embrace it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes finding so many of my friendships being tested, especially the superficial ones, or the ones that on some level make me feel yucky. However, the ones that I have really worked on over the years have stayed, and some of these have surprised me. It’s interesting, a bit lonely, but if I get on the other side of that loneliness it feels exciting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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