Free Your Pen – the book

Free Your Pen: A Writer’s Guide to Training the Mind

Free blog version of the book – running now!

Free Your Pen is a practical system of mind training designed to free your mind from distractions and emotional blocks. It is based on the Buddhist practice of lojong that uses slogans to train the mind.

Working with the 59 slogans in this book will help you to shut down the inner critic and dissolve the fears and limitations that can block your writing. Free Your Pen includes chapters on each of the slogans, plus writing exercises designed to free your pen.

The book will help you:

  • To find your voice and free your mind.
  • To write courageously with self-knowledge.
  • To be authentic.
  • To tell the truth about who you are and what life means to you.

Free Your Pen is currently in production but you can read the free blog version of the book now!

Explore the slogans using the randomiser here: Lojong for Writers.

May your pen and your mind be free!


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