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Hello and Welcome! I’m Jessica.

I have stacked shelves, labelled library books, counselled addicts, toured Europe with an orchestra, and produced demos for rock bands, before ending up in a cupboard at the local council where I recorded a talking newspaper. That cushy job imploded so now I write stuff.

I started life as a musician and sound engineer, and slowly morphed into a mystic and astrologer – and nobody was more surprised than me!

I write visionary fiction and non-fiction that explores the challenges of spiritual awakening and the power of the mind and imagination. My books are available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon, but you can also buy direct from me at my lovely Payhip store. Details on my Books page.

This site is a collection of my ramblings about astrology and life. It’s written for you – yes you! – the Spiritual Warriors, truth-tellers, way-showers, mystics, shamans, lightworkers, witches, wizards, healers, empaths, and brazen Bodhisattvas. The world needs you now, more than ever before. But you knew that…

I hope you find this site interesting, entertaining and/or helpful. There are tons of archives so be sure to have a good rummage. I look forward to meeting you!

Jessica 😊

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My Other Blogs

Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic – Addled blog on mysticism and the spiritual path

Free Your Pen – my writing blog and extracts from Free Your Pen

Lojong for Writers – slogan randomiser for Free Your Pen

Note: I’m NOT offering birth chart readings at present, but for the astrologically curious, here’s my horoscope:

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40 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jessica,

    So glad I found your blog! Your posts on the zodiac myths have been very helpful for a calendar project I’m working on. I have to say your research and writing are the best on the web, and I love that you also talk about the spiritual journey and share movies for each sign. By the way I’m a Virgo and Stranger Than Fiction is one of my favorite movies (I also studied applied mathematics! You made me feel so much better about being a Virgo, haha).

    This calendar started as simply illustrating the signs then I got to exploring the myths, and finally the whole thing turned into a hero’s journey. I wrote about my process in a blog post and mention your blog:

    And also link to your zodiac posts on my other post about the journey through the myths:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. All the best, Sophie

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  2. A couple of months ago (end of 2020), I read Addled and liked it a lot. And ever since reading it, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it (and now I find some time to do so – but better late than never).

    You wrote in some blogpost (must have been a few years ago) that it was your journey you were sharing in this book. So, thanks a lot for sharing your journey.

    I found the descriptions in the book very vivid (especially of what Zoe was going through mentally and emotionally), and the plot was intriguing. A real page turner with much suspense and many surprising twists and turns.

    Maybe it would also be a great read for family members or partners of someone who is going through a spiritual emergence/emergency process so that they can understand better what is happening.

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      1. Jessica I was interested in one of your books that had a particular poem the said I never will learn to read aloud, please can you help me to find this poem book.


  3. Hello Jessica, I really love the piece you did on the Lojong Slogans. I was wondering if you have got a place where they are stored in order or are accessible in pdf format?

    I find them really useful in the way you write about them. However, for some reason my mobile doesn’t list or display them in order.

    Kind regards


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  4. Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to read your About summary, Jessica! Or maybe I did, way back when, and it seems fresh again after reading so many of your blog musings. Thanks, enjoyed this too! ~ Jamie

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  5. Hi Jessica,

    See if you can tell how i found you from this quote.

    You’re not a God, You’re a birthday cake !

    one of my favourite quotes.

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      1. Of Course, I now own the whole of Season 1, And Season 2 is on its way, The Man The Myth.
        Also Managed to get hold of Journey to the west by Steven Chow, English Subtitles of course, This is well worth a watch, if you havent already, Its just as Nutty as the series. He is currently in production of Journey to the west 2.

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  6. Hi Jessica – Glad it’s going well. Have you now stopped using your old header pic, the metaphysical line-drawing? If so, can I use it? I’ve not found anything better. Might as well steal your good idea if I can. .

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  7. You’re a gifted writer and I’m glad I came across your blog(s)!
    I’m also born on 29th of august! 🙂


  8. You are a fascinating individual! I’ve just begun looking through your posts but so far I am intrigued. You are indeed a very spiritual person- thank you for sharing your gifts with us.


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    1. Thanks Lee, much appreciated. I hadn’t really thought about the resource centre being anything more than just a page of useful links to help people. I’m not an expert or qualified to counsel people, so it wasn’t my intention to set myself up as a teacher or offer services. I’m just a writer trying to make sense of her own experience – some of it might hit home for others and help, but mostly I’m stumbling around in the dark the same as everyone else! People can always get in touch via the contact page if they wish.

      Thanks for the support. I always enjoy your posts – you have a fascinating take on the world and lots of interesting experiences to share. I’m going to read more of your stuff – starting with the links you kindly put on the spiritual crisis centre page 🙂

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      1. It’s great what you are doing. I have a very similar view in that I aim for this beautiful synthesis between my creative expression and my altruism. I’ve always made a point of doing some real good in the world with my gifts. To do otherwise would seem like I was squandering them. Like I’m not about to start writing laundry detergent copy no matter how much I was getting paid. But even if I had never made a cent from my writing I would still feel that I have upheld my end of the pact my soul made with the universe.

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  9. Hi Jessica,
    Hi Jessica,
    I found you via Karin of Spiritual Awakening and very glad that I did. Our charts are similiar ( I am 16 degrees Aquarius rising with 5 degrees Sag MH) Our stories are also somewhat similar. I discovered that in fact I was a mystic in 2005, but that I had truly been so since my teens ( or longer). On my blog litebeing chronicles, the original subtitle was Adventures of a part time mystic. I know I will find inspiration here!


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  10. HI Jessica, I just stumbled upon your website. I awakened a few years ago because of a trauma, it took me a while to sort everything out. Now, I am running into more and more awakened people. I am an author as well. My first book, Detour from Normal (2013) recounts my life saving surgery and how it resulted in chemically induced mania. Long story short, I became awakened during that time. If you don’t already know Vironika Tugeleva, she is a sort of ring leader who is connecting awakened people. You can contact her via her website: Vironika.org or via therealus.com, her other website where people post inspiring stories. She may ask you to post your story. I have two articles there. Anyway, I’d love to speak with you more and learn about your journey.

    Ken Dickson

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    1. Hi Ken, I’ve had a quick look at your website and your story sounds fascinating. There are many people who could benefit from reading it. It’s a hard journey to take, from thinking you’re fine, the descent into madness, and then coming out the other side. I’m glad you found your way through. Vironika’s site looks interesting too and I might think about writing something for the Real Us. There’s a few posts on this site about parts of my process of awakening, but I haven’t written it out in full – partly because it started over 20 years ago and that’s a lot of material! It can be a long journey with lots of ups and downs, but we all get there in the end.

      I wish you all the best on your journey, and thanks for stopping by.


  11. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Gede Prama. You are very welcome here! I love your blog too – always so positive and with a great sense of fun and humour. Many blessings to you 🙂



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