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Planet Myths: The Story Behind Chiron

Chiron represents your primal wound and where you have a gift for healing others. It’s the wound that won’t heal, but through that wounding your experience of life is deepened and transformed. Chiron stands for the wound, the wounded, the wounder, and the healer, and he initiates you into self-knowledge and spiritual growth. Astronomically speaking,… Continue reading Planet Myths: The Story Behind Chiron


The Story Behind Neptune

The Neptune archetype represents our need for transcendence, inspiration and universal love. It shows us altered states of consciousness, imagination, dreams and fantasy, which we express through art, film, music, photography and fashion. Neptune dissolves boundaries, bringing psychosis and deception, as well as ecstasy and mysticism. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. The symbol is the… Continue reading The Story Behind Neptune


The Story Behind Jupiter

The Jupiter archetype represents our desire to expand and grow, to make progress and improve our lives. It is philosophical and aspirational, and about searching for meaning and significance, success and joy. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces. The symbol is the half circle of soul rising beside the cross of matter. Keywords for Jupiter:… Continue reading The Story Behind Jupiter