The Story Behind the Sun

The Sun archetype represents our basic sense of self and our will to live. It is the principle of creative energy and vitality, the impulse to be, to live, to shine your light on the world and be recognised as somebody. The Sun is the ruler of Leo. The symbol is a circle containing a dot which represents Eternity surrounding the central point of consciousness.

SunKeywords for the Sun:
  • Self-expression
  • Animus
  • Power
  • Spirit
  • Creativity
  • Father

Sun Myths

In Hinduism we have Brahma, the god of universal creation, who resides in the Sun, and Agni who represents Divine Fire. Zoroastrians had Ahura-Mazda; the Persians had Mithras; the Chaldeans and Babylonians had Bel; the Aztecs had Quetzacoatl; and the Druids had Hu.

Helios lights the sky
Helios lights the sky

The main Egyptian gods associated with the Sun are Ra, Osiris and his son Horus. Osiris was dismembered by his evil brother Set, then resurrected by Isis, who then gave birth to Horus, the Sun-Child. Falcon-headed Ra ruled over the sun cult in Heliopolis, and his lioness daughter Sekhmet was crowned with the solar disc.

The Greeks called the Sun Helios, meaning ‘most high’, and he drove his chariot across the sky from east to west, pulled by winged white horses. They also had Apollo, god of the Sun, music and prophecy. Apollo is the son of Zeus and twin brother of Artemis, the Moon goddess. The command above the door of his oracle at Delphi was ‘Man, Know Thyself.’ Apollo is associated with reason, logic and the natural order of the universe.

Sun Myths on Film

Shine is the story of pianist child prodigy David Helfgott, played by Geoffrey Rush. It follows his journey from an abusive early home life where he was pushed too hard to succeed by his overbearing father. David wins a scholarship to a prestigious music school where the pressure of work and fiendishly difficult Rachmaninoff concertos drive him into a nervous breakdown and mental illness. The film beautifully shows how David slowly rebuilds his life and confidence in himself, allowing him to share his musical gift with the world.

Shine © 1996 New Line Cinema
Shine © 1996 New Line Cinema

Moon is the story of Sam Bell, played by Sam Rockwell, who works on the dark side of the moon for Lunar Industries, mining an important energy source for the Earth. His only companion is Gerty, the base’s computer. Reaching the end of his three year contract, Sam makes a startling discovering following a near fatal accident, which throws everything he knows into question. He must battle to discover his true identity and finally find a way back home.

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