The Story Behind Pisces

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Pisces is the sign of the mystic and is all about the longing for something transcendent and magical. Pisceans are enigmatic chameleons, complex and fluid, with strong emotions and powerful imaginations. They can have trouble with boundaries and tend to do everything to excess. Being profoundly empathic, they can see the worst coming and still let it come, making Pisces either a fool or deeply wise. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.

Pisces Myths

The German myth of Ondine illustrates Pisces. Ondine is an immortal water nymph who can only gain a soul if she marries a mortal and bears his child. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a bad idea. One day Ondine falls in love with a passing Knight. They marry and she has a son, but now she starts to age and her dashing Knight loses interest (typical!).

When she finds him with another woman, she curses him to the effect that if he ever goes to sleep he’ll die. But if he returns to her, her kiss will kill him. The only way they can be reunited is in death.

Black Swan © 2010 - Fox Searchlight Pictures
Black Swan © 2010 – Fox Searchlight Pictures

Pisces on Film

 John Baxter in Don’t Look Now 1973
John Baxter in Don’t Look Now 1973

Madison the mermaid in Splash.

Nina Sayers as she dances to her death in The Black Swan.

John Baxter, who isn’t aware he is psychic and is drawn to his death in Don’t Look Now.

The Oracle bridging the worlds in The Matrix.

Famous Fish

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

Drew Barrymore (Sun & Venus in Pisces)

Kurt Cobain (Sun, Mercury & Venus in Pisces)

Billy Crystal (Sun, Mercury & Mars in Pisces)

Albert Einstein (Sun & Moon in Pisces)

Elizabeth Taylor (Sun, Mercury & Mars in Pisces)

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