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JesDharma Books

Enlightened Entertainment for Spiritual Warriors.
Inspiring non-fiction for your Inner Buddha.

JesDharma Books is an independent publisher of enlightened entertainment for Spiritual Warriors.

The name JesDharma comes from Jes which is short for Jess, and Dharma which is universal law or teachings. So JesDharma means The Way of Jes. In other words – my way or my path.

JesDharma Books was launched in January 2014 with the publication of my first novel, Addled. My first non-fiction title followed in 2017, and my next novel, The Shining Ones, will be available soon.

The JesDharma logo uses an image of my tattoo of the Vishuddha (throat) chakra. I got inked in 2003 to mark my initiation onto the mystical path of the spiritual warrior, as well as to honour my commitment to the creative life.

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