The Shining Ones

The Awakening wasn’t meant to start like this. But even angels make mistakes…

After a devastating solar storm, society is collapsing, and healer Anastasia Wilson is struggling with her new powers. She just wants to be normal. But when her friend is abducted, Ana discovers she has a powerful enemy.

Gregori believes Ana is the most dangerous woman on the planet. To save her friend, Ana must confront the possibility that Gregori is right…

Meanwhile, palaeolinguist Ethne Godwin is obsessed with ancient myths of the Shining Ones and searching for the roots of civilisation. She is hired to translate a text discovered on megaliths in a cave in Greenland.

But when the cave is attacked, Ethne uncovers a truth that shatters everything she thought she knew about history, reality, and her own past.

The cosmic plan to save humanity from itself is underway.

But the gods have amnesia.

Can they wake up in time?

‘The Shining Ones’ is a thrilling fantasy where ancient gods reincarnate as ordinary people and angels disguise themselves as pigeons. Fast-moving and witty, this is a world where nothing is as it appears and love is the ultimate superpower.

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★★★★★ Fantastic, a must read! Oooh ! Fantastic story, simply a wonderful plot. A must read! Emma

★★★★ Page turner with lots of action. A great read. I couldn’t put it down. Jessica truly knows how to spin a tale and keep you on the edge of your seat. Claudia Wilkins

★★★★★ Thought provoking read. This is a great read. Really enjoyable and highly recommended. There are cliff hangers to keep you reading. It may feel bleak at times but there is plenty of hope built into the story. I loved the characters, the humour, sense of place and the mythology. It leaves you wanting more so I hope there’ll be a second book with the same characters. Mustard Seed

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