The Shining Ones

After a solar storm, society is collapsing and the ARK consortium has taken control. The storm triggered a mutation creating Human Angels, like Anastasia who is struggling with her new powers. But ARK is conducting sinister experiments that threaten the future of humanity and only Ana and her friends can stop them.

One of those friends is Ethne, a palaeo-linguist obsessed by myths of the Shining Ones, powerful beings who brought civilisation to mankind at the end of the Ice Age.

When an ancient artefact is found, Ethne uncovers a truth that shatters everything she thought she knew about reality and her own past.

Now civilisation is under threat, the Shining Ones have returned. The cosmic plan to save humanity from itself is underway – but the gods have amnesia. Can they wake up in time?

The Shining Ones is a thrilling fantasy where ancient gods reincarnate as ordinary people and angels disguise themselves as pigeons. Fast-moving and witty, this is a world where nothing is as it appears and love is the ultimate superpower.

The Great Awakening has begun…

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