The Off-Grid Astrology Course

A self-study course for unpredictable times. Learn the skills you will need when the lights go out.

This course is for those who want to learn how to do astrological calculations by hand, without relying on astrology software and online apps. These are useful and save time, but they also leave gaps in your knowledge. Could you calculate a chart by hand if you had to?

Doing astrology the old-fashioned way will give you a greater appreciation for how it works and what the birth chart represents. It also means you can keep doing astrology no matter what the future brings. No electricity? No astrology apps? No online charts? No problem!

The Off-Grid Astrology Course will guide you through the process of calculating charts with step-by-step instructions and lots of examples. There are quizzes to test your knowledge and downloads of useful information and calculation sheets. The course includes:

  • The Astronomy of the Birth Chart, plus how to read an ephemeris
  • How to Calculate the Birth Chart and House Cusps, with four test charts for you to do on your own
  • How to Draw a Chart, with chart sheets to print and an overview of house systems
  • How to Calculate Lots and Midpoints, with formulas for all the major lots, including the Part of Fortune
  • Calculations for Prediction, including solar returns, progressions, solar arc directions, and chart relocation
  • Resources, including a pdf copy of the course with answers to the tests

Ironically, the Off-Grid Astrology Course is delivered online via Payhip using their snazzy course player. Find out more and sign up here:

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The Off-Grid Astrology course is also available in paperback from Amazon. It contains the same material as the online course, except for the course downloads which have been reproduced in the appendix.

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