Part of Fortune in Libra

pof-libraThe Part of Fortune in the signs shows how you can find joy by allowing the energy of the sign to flow freely. With the Part of Fortune in Libra you achieve happiness and success through cultivating harmonious relationships with others.

You have a strong desire for beauty and balance, and always strive for fairness and justice. This means you like to go along with others and maintain harmony, and will always cooperate rather than assert your own will. You don’t want to upset others and will consider their opinions before making a decision. You look at things from all sides before making a choice.

You know how to please and make others happy, and your joy will be found in forming relationships with people you like. You strive to find peace with people who are difficult and can see beyond their faults to find common ground. You understand how to create win-win situations.

Happiness will come through your social connections and intimate relationships. You benefit others, but they also benefit you in turn, and there’s always someone there with whom you can share your success. Through diplomacy, tact and grace you find joy in knowing you belong and feel part of something bigger than just you.

The point opposite the Part of Fortune may block the free flow of energy and make it harder to find joy, but only if you take it personally. If you allow it to manifest impersonally it will help you achieve happiness. The opposite sign here is Aries so you understand the desire to achieve and take pioneering action towards a goal. You know you must consider the effects of your actions before you take them which is why you take others’ perspectives into account before you act. But if you take this too personally you’ll be pulled into uncertainty and over-sensitivity.

You have refined ideals of behaviour and the only way you can live up to them is to not take your own desires personally. If you do this you can find a point of balance at the centre between all perspectives that allows you to see the most ideal solution to any problem.

Libra Pot of Gold

You’ll find joy by finding the point of equilibrium in a world of opposites. Sharing your joy is the key to your happiness.

  • Share your success and happiness with others.
  • Embrace oneness with all through relationship.
  • Allow others to take care of you.
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5 thoughts on “Part of Fortune in Libra

  1. I’m not sure I understand–“not to take your own desires personally?” What does this mean? Really insightful and helpful–as an artist with PoF in Libra and in my 9th, this makes so much sense!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not to take desires personally – yes, that doesn’t really make sense! It’s a Buddhist thing about non-attachment – not allowing yourself to get caught up in your desires and led around by them.


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