Mystic Warrior Practice – Collective Context

Last time we looked at the personal dimension of the wider context of your life. But since no one is an island, you also need to explore how you fit in to the rest of society and the world-at-large. Collective Context covers the myths and concepts that shape your life whether you’re aware of them… Continue reading Mystic Warrior Practice – Collective Context


Mystic Warrior Practice – Personal Context

Last time we looked at an overview of my plan to renew my spiritual practice and the twelve areas it covers. The first area is Context, which is about exploring the wider perspective of your life. Another name for it could be Causes and Conditions. It’s divided into two sections: Personal and Collective, and in… Continue reading Mystic Warrior Practice – Personal Context


Mystic Warrior Practice – Overview

Last time we looked at some of the inspiration behind the plan to renew my commitment to spiritual practice. I’ve been examining each area of my life to see what needs to change and exploring practices that might help. In this post, we’ll delve into the details of the plan and how it works… Earlier… Continue reading Mystic Warrior Practice – Overview

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Mystic Warrior Practice – Introduction

The Mystic Warrior Practice is a comprehensive plan to transform every area of my life. If you read my last rambling post, you’ll know I reacted badly to a shadow eruption that almost derailed my spiritual practice. Thankfully, I was able see through the ruse and I’m now in the process of sorting myself out… Continue reading Mystic Warrior Practice – Introduction