Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic

Addled: Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic is my forthcoming novel about a modern mystic called Zoe Popper. It follows the ups and downs of awakening, and explores the difficulties of the spiritual path in a post-modern world.

Addled is a love story for our cynical times, and includes everything from music and cookery to cleaning, Dionysus and dentistry.

But most of all, it is about Zen.

Addled takes you on the ultimate journey through the darkness of the post-modern psyche into madness and death, only to reveal the true meaning of hope in a joyous recognition of the truth about reality.

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What would you risk for a glimpse of the ultimate reality?

Addled new coverZoe Popper is haunted by otherworldly visions which come at the most inconvenient moments. People are starting to notice. She’s trying to keep it together, but madness runs in the family. What if she’s next?

When a mysterious gentleman in a pinstripe tells her she’s a mystic and offers to become her teacher, she is shocked. She doesn’t have a religious bone in her body. But encouraged by her friends, she overcomes her doubts and confronts her fears.

As her relationships are challenged, Zoe finds herself on a collision course with reality. But reality could be stranger than she thinks. Zoe must risk her sanity and her life, but will the prize be worth it? After all, what use is enlightenment if you can’t hold on to the people you love?

Addled: Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic is currently in pre-production.


2 thoughts on “Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic

  1. On 2/12/13 Mary Mc Creath got in touch via the contact page to share her thoughts:
    Hi Jessica,
    The opening page got my attention. I have gone through this process of awakening myself over a period of 40 years. I am now in my seventies. I am always delighted to hear the stories of others who have travelled this path.
    One of the most delightful insights for me is how powerful ordinary everyday life is to connect us to the light of the unknown. It is this light that is my strength. In my experience you do not come to a resting place of enlightenment, unless by this you mean the strength to cope and deal with all the ups and downs life continues to offer each one of us as long as we live.
    Each new down leads to a further up and so on and so on. I wish you every joy and success with you book and trust that those who read it will find a help on their way.
    Love and Peace to you.


    1. Thanks, Mary. I’m so glad you enjoyed the first chapter of Addled. It is a bumpy road that we travel but we always get there in the end. Thank you for your encouragement, it is very much appreciated.


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