Being Creative in a Mad World: Stopping

Stop SignSo we come to the end and it’s time to stop.

To be creative means to recognise when you’re not being creative, and be able to do something to rectify that situation. To change and move forward you must stop whatever it is you’re doing (or not doing) that doesn’t serve either you or your creativity.

Stopping links all the other active qualities of the creative person, making it possible to leave behind unproductive behaviour and negative thoughts, opening the way to freedom through active creativity.

So, in no particular order…

  • Stop fantasising and ground your dreams
  • Stop thinking unproductively and create
  • Stop wallowing in nihilism and live
  • Stop agreeing with everyone and doubt
  • Stop doubting everything and have faith
  • Stop floundering in ignorance and learn
  • Stop drifting passively and make meaning
  • Stop rejecting and love
  • Stop closing your eyes and look
  • Stop denying life and affirm
  • Stop sitting about and act – create something
  • Stop vacillating and commit
  • Stop following the crowd and rebel (but not without a cause)
  • Stop sitting on the fence and choose
  • Stop avoiding your creative work and encounter it

What do you need to stop in order to create? Share your blockages below…

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