Traditional Correspondences: Pisces

Pisces GlyphThe zodiac sign of Pisces (19 February – 20 March) is symbolised by the Fishes.

The glyph represents two fish swimming in opposite directions which shows the fluid nature of the sign.

Pisces Basics

Ruler: Jupiter & Neptune Exultation: Venus
Natural House: 12th house Fall: Mercury
Quality: Mutable Detriment: Mercury
Element: Water Polarity: Negative / Feminine

Pisces Correspondences

Day: Thursday
Number: 7
Physiology: Feet, lymphatic system, pituitary gland
Illnesses: Diseases caused by high sensitivity, easily affected by drugs & poisons
Colours: Sea green
Metal: Tin, Platinum
Birthstones: Moonstone, Bloodstone
Season: Early spring
Foods: Cucumber, pumpkin, lettuce, melon, figs, fruit & vegetables with high water content
Herbs: Chicory, Echinacea, eyebright, sea lettuce, angelica
Plants: Water lily, plants that grow near water, moss, ferns, iris, evening primrose
Trees: Willow, Fig, Hazel, Chaparral
Animals: Fish, Dolphins & all sea mammals
Places: North Africa, Gobi Desert, Portugal, Jerusalem, the sea, marshes, springs, watery places, watermills, places where waterfowl breed, houses near water, wells & pumps, dams, moats, old hermitages