Traditional Correspondences: Aries

Aries GlyphThe zodiac sign of Aries (21 March – 20 April) is symbolised by the Ram.

The glyph represents the ram’s horns which show the aggressive nature of the sign.

Aries Basics

Ruler: Mars Exultation: Sun
Natural House: 1st house Fall: Saturn
Quality: Cardinal Detriment: Venus
Element: Fire Polarity: Positive / Masculine

Aries Correspondences

Day: Tuesday
Number: 9
Physiology: Head, Face, Adrenal Glands
Illnesses: Headaches, head injuries, illness caused by adrenal glands
Colours: Red, White
Metal: Iron
Birthstone: Diamond
Season: Spring
Foods: Hot, spicy foods, garlic, onions, leeks, capers, mustard, cayenne, anything red
Herbs: Hops, nettles, cayenne, red clover
Plants: Geranium, thistle, bryony, honeysuckle
Trees: Hawthorn, holly, spruce, thorny trees and shrubs
Animals: Sheep & Rams, Tigers, Dragons
Places: England, capital cities, sporting facilities, stables, freshly cultivated land, limekilns & brickworks