How to Interpret the Natal Sun

sunThe Sun represents the ego or sense of self and the way you express yourself as an individual. It reveals your creative potential, physical vitality, feelings of hope, and sense of personal authority. The Sun mediates between the inner self and the outside world, and stands for the male role model, such as the father or any male authority figure, as well as the animus archetype.

Sun by Sign

  • The sign placement of the Sun shows what you need to do to develop a healthy ego and sense of self. By learning to embody the positive, constructive qualities of your Sun sign you feel more complete and fulfilled as an individual. You need a place in your life where you can express and radiate the qualities of your Sun sign – look to the house placement and aspects for clues.
  • The Sun sign shows what you need to consciously struggle for and attain, not just whatever comes instinctively (i.e. the Moon).
  • The Sun sign can also show qualities of the father (inner and outer) and the animus image of the masculine side of the psyche.

Sun by House

  • The Sun’s house placement (and the house with Leo on the cusp or contained within it) shows where you need to achieve and distinguish yourself in some way. This is where you need to stand out or feel special. By engaging in activities related to this house, you build a clearer sense of self and identity.
  • You may feel that you have to struggle with the issues of this house, or that you could do better than you have, which motivates you to try harder to become who you’re meant to be.
  • This house can reveal issues around your father or animus.
  • It can also show your natural calling or vocation.

Aspects to the Sun

  • Planets in aspect to the Sun represent archetypes that are linked (either positively or negatively) to the development of your sense of self and need for self-expression. You will need to find constructive ways to express these energies in your life, maybe by incorporating them into your vocation.
  • You may also encounter these energies via other people in your life (especially with the opposition), but ultimately you need to own and integrate these qualities into yourself rather than projecting them onto others.
  • Issues with your father and animus can also be revealed through the aspects to your Sun.
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