How to Interpret the Natal Moon

moonThe Moon represents how you respond instinctively without thinking, your unconscious patterns and conditioning, habits, feelings, emotions and memory. It shows how you relate to your body and health, as well as your heritage, family and roots. The Moon shows what you need in order to feel secure and safe, where you belong, and the female role model, such as your mother or caregiver.

Moon by Sign

  • The Moon sign shows your feeling nature, how you instinctively react to events and the environment. When you are young, you’re more like your Moon sign than your Sun sign because the Moon shows how you naturally respond, unless blocked by difficult aspects.
  • The Moon sign shows what makes you feel comfortable, secure and safe. This is how you retreat when you need to rest and relax, and your domestic life.
  • The Moon sign reveals how you experience your mother, and how you like to be nurtured. It also shows how you nurture others, whether or not you’re a mother (or even a woman), and how you nurture yourself. It also shows the anima image of the feminine side of the psyche (along with Venus).

Moon by House

  • The Moon’s house placement shows where you’re sensitive and responsive to the needs of others, but also where you may be too easily influenced. This is where you mirror or reflect others, and blend in with your environment. Also look at the house containing Cancer.
  • It also shows where you’re shaped by the past, habits and conditioning, as well as your experience of mothering, or where you might be tied to the expectations and values of your family and culture. You might act in a regressive way in this house, or find yourself pulled back into the past, becoming childish or clingy.
  • The Moon’s house shows where you feel safe and comfortable because this area gives you a sense of belonging. This is where you’ll retreat if you need to rest.
  • But it can also show where you experience lots of ups and downs and changing moods, so it won’t always be a peaceful house.

Aspects to the Moon

  • Planets in aspect to the Moon show your childhood conditioning and how your feeling nature works, your instinctive response to life, how you respond emotionally, and how you nurture others or like to be cared for yourself.
  • They also reveal more about your mother or caretaker, as well as qualities of the anima.
  • The Moon’s aspects can show your domestic situation, your home and how you like to live.
  • They also show how you relate to your own body and how you move. This applies especially to women.
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