The Shining Ones

‘The Shining Ones’ paperback – available now!

I’m happy to announce The Shining Ones has entered manifestation – it physically exists! The paperback has been available for a little while but I was waiting for Amazon to link it to the Kindle edition on their site. So what’s it about?

310 pages of pure entertainment…

If you’ve been reading the free chapters, you’ll have an idea. The Shining Ones is Visionary fiction for dark times and is perfect reading material for Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio. In fact, the book is more relevant to these times than you would know from reading the blurb. It’s about the global awakening that may, or may not, be happening right now.

The world is being brought to its knees and unless we change, we’ll destroy ourselves. But imagine a scenario where Mother Nature and the Universe at large decide to force the issue and demand that we grow up. You WILL awaken – ready or not.

What would happen? What would you do if you were forced to wake up? If you had no choice but to align with your Angelic Self?

That’s what The Shining Ones explores, in its own mad way.

And it’s a damn good read. A bit mental, fun and fast-moving, but also perhaps a little thought-provoking and even challenging. Find out more here:

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Read the first handful of chapters here or explore the research notes and behind the scenes here

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