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Jupiter in Scorpio: Descent in search of Meaning

Last month Jupiter entered Scorpio for a thirteen month journey through the sign of transformation and secrets. Jupiter transits Scorpio from 10th October 2017 to 8th November 2018. In this post we’ll look at what that means and what we can expect over the coming months.

Jupiter represents the search for meaning and the need for a belief system that helps you to make sense of your life. The Jupiter archetype is expansive and optimistic, and encourages you to broaden your horizons in search of growth and new experiences. So how does Jupiter fare in Scorpio?

Scorpio represents transformation and emotional intensity. It rules over deep passions, obsessions and fears, and likes to explore taboos and hidden secrets. This is all in the service of achieving self-mastery and power, and can involve a descent into the depths of the unconscious to bring about a rebirth.

When Jupiter travels through Scorpio, it descends into the underworld in search of meaning. But what it finds won’t necessarily feel good. Jupiter tends to magnify the qualities of whatever sign it’s in, both positive and negative, so what you experience will depend on your attitude.

Whichever house Jupiter is transiting in your horoscope, this is a great time to do shadow work and explore the depths and unconscious choices you make every day. There may be disappointments or unexpected failures as Jupiter retrieves the truth from the shadows and forces you to account for yourself.

It’s important to be honest with yourself if you want to make the most of this opportunity. Trying to hide from the truth now could be counterproductive. If you work with the transit, you’re more likely to experience a positive transformation and future growth. But if you resist, the truth is likely to come out anyway, and depending on what you’ve been hiding, things could get nasty.

For example, the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal was revealed on 5th October, just before Jupiter entered Scorpio. Since then, the story has got bigger and bigger, and is now threatening to engulf Hollywood, with shows being cancelled and actors being edited out of films. Then the scandal erupted in the House of Commons too.

Jupiter wants the truth, so secrets and conspiracies hidden in the darkness of Scorpio are going to be flushed out. This applies to all Scorpio areas:

  • Natural law and the cycles and mysteries of life and death
  • Power and control
  • Sex and sexuality
  • Taboos and secrets
  • Business and finance, including insurance and tax
  • Esoteric knowledge, magic and the occult
  • Depth psychology, desires and obsessions

A couple more examples: the tax dodging rich have just had their financial secrets exposed in the recent publication of the Paradise Papers that revealed the extent of their greed. And the Freemasons – normally a secretive bunch – have posted a video of their big birthday bash on 31st October.

If you’re not keeping secrets and skulking in the shadows, then what else can you expect during Jupiter in Scorpio?

This transit is about increasing self-knowledge and making deeper connections, not just with your own soul, but with others too. When you’re willing to be honest and open, you can build trust and greater intimacy with others. This contributes to more positive relationships, and that in turn helps you to understand yourself better. It’s win-win.

But again, if you resist the lessons Jupiter brings, you’re likely to experience the darker side of Scorpio: power games and control issues, jealousy, rage, and suspicion. Your fears can grow out of control and leave you nowhere to hide. Jupiter injects a lot of energy and motivation into your passions, but it can also magnify your obsessions.

The key to making the most of this transit is integrity.

Are you being true to your deeper Self? Check for hidden motivations to be sure it’s not your fears that are driving you to achieve something. You can get a lot done now, but you need to make sure it’s worth doing.

This is a great year for digging deep into your spiritual practice and self-development. By engaging with the darkness rather than avoiding it or pretending it’s not there, you can deepen your practice and expand your understanding of life, the universe, and everything.

Jupiter in Scorpio helps you to tap into the wisdom of the cycles of life and death. You may experience some loss and disappointment, but this can be used to transform yourself. If you’ve been having a hard time recently, this is the year you can rise again – like a phoenix from the ashes. But only if you put in the work. With Jupiter in Scorpio you don’t get something for nothing!

However, it may be easier to tap this knowledge now. If you’re looking for the truth and you’re not afraid of the dark – this is your time. But remember, wisdom comes at a price. Don’t go swaggering into the unconscious demanding to be told what’s what. That never goes down well!

Be mindful of the dark spiritual forces that operate beyond your knowledge. Don’t assume you know what’s going on. As always, the best defence is self-knowledge and a little humility.

Now is the time to journey deep into your own mind to discover the truth and reveal the lies you tell yourself. Jupiter encourages you to descend into the underworld to do the psychological work necessary for you to continue growing. You can find hidden resources and possibilities, confront your limitations and fears, and heal old wounds.

Jupiter in Scorpio needs to have direct experience of something in order to believe it. You can’t just read about it; you have to live it. This year you won’t get away with hiding from yourself. It’s time to walk your talk and live your truth. Jupiter in Scorpio won’t settle for anything less.

To get a feel for this transit, think back to what was happening in your life last time Jupiter moved through Scorpio in 2005-2006, and before that in 1993-1994. You can read about the house position of the transit here, and apply the Scorpio keywords to see what this time is likely to mean to you personally.

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