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Uranus in Taurus: Revolution of Values and Security

Uranus spends about seven years in each sign and this year he begins to transition into Taurus. It’s not a comfortable meeting for either Uranus or Taurus. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus doesn’t like change, especially when it happens fast. It likes stability and certainty, but there’s not going to be much of that in the next few years.

Uranus is the planet of freedom, revolutionary change, independence and the higher or Universal Mind. He disrupts the old order, encourages experimental new approaches, and reverses established patterns of behaviour. When Uranus enters Taurus we can expect to see revolutionary changes to our values, the financial system, how we treat the earth and our own bodies, and issues around security.

Uranus transits Taurus from 2018 to 2026. Here are the dates:

  • Enters Taurus: 15th May 2018
  • Retrogrades into Aries: 6th November 2018
  • Re-enters Taurus: 6th March 2019, where it stays, until…
  • Enters Gemini: 7th July 2025
  • Retrogrades into Taurus: 8th November 2025
  • Re-enters Gemini: 26th April 2026

While Uranus is in Taurus our values will be radically transformed and we’ll be forced to rethink how and why we do things, probably because the consequences of our current value system will come back to bite us. This could potentially effect every area of our lives because what we value influences how we think, the choices we make and how we act.

On a personal level, now is the time to examine your values and whether you’re making the most of your inner and outer resources. Your financial stability could be undermined over the next seven years but it’s only to encourage you to become more self-sufficient and self-reliant. Perhaps you’ll discover new, more exciting ways of earning money or discover talents you didn’t know you had.

Along with Saturn in Capricorn, this transit encourages you to build something real in your life that aligns with your true values. In your horoscope, look at any planets or angles in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius, because these will receive hard angle transits from Uranus during the next seven years. You’ll have to be flexible and ready to let go of whatever you don’t need. Adapt to the changes as they come, improvise and experiment with new possibilities.

The danger comes from repressing or denying changes that need to happen. Sometimes it’s good to resist unnecessary change – or change for the sake of change – but if you resist necessary change, it can backfire, and with Uranus, it can blow up in your face. Literally. The more you delay change, the more extreme it’ll be when it finally breaks through.

But if you stay open to the possibility of change, you could experience a profound awakening at this time. Uranus is the Universal Mind and it’s grounding directly into the body in Taurus. This could bring sudden shifts in awareness and physical side effects like feeling wired or electrified, and make it difficult for you to sleep. Blocked energies could be released from your body and this could bring health problems or healing crises. So it’s a good idea to develop a regular exercise regime so you can burn off any tension or excess energies that build up now. If you don’t work it off, it could cause stress and inflammation in your body.

Uranus breaks up the status quo and shatters apparently solid structures, even the ground can suddenly disintegrate. It stops us getting too comfortable or complacent and reminds us that nothing lasts forever. But Taurus wants to conserve and preserve what we have, so Uranus will shake things up and force us to change how we make ourselves feel safe.

This is likely to work itself out in how we treat the natural environment and its resources. Over the next seven years we may finally have to accept that we can’t keep progress going at the expense of the planet. We can’t live without a viable ecological support system and we must look after the planet if we want to continue living on it.

Our current value system sees the planet as a resource to be plundered, but the effects of environmental devastation are now impossible to ignore. The reckoning has arrived. Uranus will make clear the price we’re paying to keep our growth economy growing via a shock to the system: perhaps a radical shift in climate, or natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes and storms.

There’s a lot of talk about global warming, but we’re actually entering a Solar Minimum period when there are fewer sunspots. This could indicate decades of colder weather that trigger food shortages and rising prices, and at worst, famine. It could be a tough few years but it’s an opportunity to establish a more sane way of living on the planet with respect for the earth and each other.

Whatever happens with the climate, we’re likely to see disruption and revolution in farming, agriculture, and food production. Perhaps action will be taken to reduce the huge surpluses produced by industrial agricultural methods, or to share food more equitably. Food waste and poor nutrition also need to be tackled, along with the consequences of using too many pesticides and GMO, as well as the loss of arable land due to soil erosion. There could also be technological breakthroughs in the areas of lab grown meat and 3D-printed food.

The revolution in values and security is also likely to play out through our relationship to money and finances. A lot of the predictions I’ve seen for this transit seem to rely heavily on wishful thinking: The end of taxation! The arrival of free energy! The end of crappy day jobs! The arrival of a Universal Basic Income! Free money! But what can we expect?

In the West, we’re dealing with the breakdown of old systems as the world moves towards decentralisation and a multipolar power structure. This is being driven by the failure of centralisation and the values that underpin it. So our ideas about wealth, money, property and possessions are likely to be challenged over the next few years. We could see a revolution in how the economy works and how we value commodities.

There could be a sovereign debt crisis that leads to a massive overhaul of the banks and financial markets. According to Martin Armstrong, there are already 13 governments in default on their debt payments, and more than 100 nations on the verge of a debt crisis. Other sources of disruption could include fallout from trade wars, the reform of social security and pensions, or the collapse of personal debt payments. For example, PCPs (Personal Contract Purchase) where you pay for a snazzy car over a period of time and then walk away from the lease instead of paying for it outright. If too many people default on these loans, PCPs could be the next sub-prime bubble about to burst.

And then there’s Brexit. (Sigh) The UK is due to leave the European Union at the end of March 2019, just after Uranus enters Taurus for the second time – so that could be interesting! At this stage, it’s not clear what will happen, but the transition may mean the full effects take a while to filter through. Having said that, with Uranus around, almost anything is possible. With or without Brexit, the Euro is looking shaky and, in the long-term, the EU could break up.

Speaking of the Euro, we could also see a revolution in the currencies we use and a move towards a cashless society. The collapse or failure of the old system could trigger a switch to a digital currency, for example. In many ways, we already have a digital economy and many shops now refuse to take cash. Digital currencies like Bitcoin and the many alternatives, could also be declared financial institutions, effectively turning them into banks.

However, a cashless society would mean more surveillance and less freedom. New systems could be put into place now that seem like a good idea but later turn out to be traps. Digital payments are easier for businesses to manage, but they’re open to fraud and hacking. Blockchain technology could provide a solution, but it would need a radical overhaul to deal with its built-in limitations. The current technology is environmentally destructive due to its vast energy requirements, it takes ages to verify transactions and it’s not scalable.

Whatever happens, just remember one thing: nothing is ever free – there’s always a cost. Over the next few years, you can expect the financial markets to be more volatile and changeable than usual so don’t gamble with what you can’t afford to lose. That’s probably good advice in general, but especially when Uranus is hanging out in Taurus.

The revolution in money and finance could also provide opportunities to invest more in our local communities through local currencies, buying local produce, and supporting local businesses and farmer’s markets. Many towns already have local schemes in place, for example the Bristol Pound, and the newly created Lake District Pound.

There could be a growth in time banks where communities share skills and talents and help each other out with no money changing hands. We could share our possessions using tool banks – similar to a library, but with spanners – or rent a car instead of owning one. We may also see the growth of credit unions and micro-loans, as well as crowdfunding and online marketplaces.

now ‘food’ comes in any shape you want…

I’ve already mentioned technological changes in money and 3D-printed food, but we could also see breakthroughs that change how we relate to our possessions and the body. Previous transits of Uranus in Taurus saw technological breakthroughs like the Spinning Jenny and the sewing machine, and this time we could see 3D-printing really take off.

The so-called ‘internet of things’ may expand and our homes could fill with smart technology. There could be breakthroughs in the use of virtual reality and gaming, and we may be using more wearable tech or augmenting the body itself with technology. Some of this stuff has a distinctly dystopian feel – interface directly with social media via the surveillance chip in your head! But some of it may be genuinely helpful to people with disabilities – move objects using the power of thought!

However, don’t expect new toys to land in your lap tomorrow. New inventions or technologies are more likely to appear towards the end of the transit, especially when Uranus conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus in 2024.

The internet itself could undergo a revolution over the next few years. The data scandal at Facebook is the tip of a vast surveillance iceberg and the fallout could trigger major changes in how we use the online environment. The digital world is becoming increasingly toxic and there’s been talk of censorship in the name of keeping us safe. The collapse of online advertising revenue could force changes too. Since Uranus in Taurus brings us back into the real world, perhaps the future is actually offline.

Uranus transits are always impossible to predict and the best you can say is: expect the unexpected. The first six months of the transit this year will give us some clues – a preview or foreshadowing of what’s to come. There could be a shock to the system that forces everybody to wake up and triggers reforms that come later. There’s a New Moon in Taurus on 15th May 2018, just before Uranus enters Taurus, and then on 16th May, Mars enters Aquarius and squares Uranus. This could be explosive, indicating sudden conflicts or a radical break with the old order. Mars squares Uranus again in August when it’s retrograde and then again in September, so the next few months could be quite lively.

Prepare yourself. Change is coming!

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Image: Plundering the Earth

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25 thoughts on “Uranus in Taurus: Revolution of Values and Security

  1. And today we got our largest earthquake (magnitude 5.8) in 50 years. Fortunately it was away from any major city, although I can confirm that here in Melbourne it made my bed shake and the windows rattle. (Nothing for someone in, say, California, but a big deal here.) While we’re still in the longest covid lockdown in the world, and our construction workers are out in the city streets for the third consecutive day protesting against having to be vaccinated to return to worksites, and fighting with police who are kitted out in riot gear that we’ve never seen before.
    Uranus in Taurus AND Pluto in Capricorn, I reckon.
    And some wag on Twitter says the shops are running out of toilet paper again, but that could just be a joke!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Uranus in Taurus food shortages. You forgot just one thing: toilet paper! But I guess that’s more a Pluto thing lol
    Interesting reading in Sept 2021 when much of it has come to pass.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. everyone is right about Uranus in Taurus casing inflammation. i got so sick march 2019 and again feb 2020. like never before. both times hard to sallow and breath. this is why people are dying the way they are from corona virus. if you look at the x rays its the lungs getting wiped out from inflammation.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dear Jessica
    What a great writing! Thank you so much . i have big stellum of personal planets and SN from 11 Taurus to 5 Gemini ( the SN conj Moon conj Jupiter, Pallas, Mercuryconj Venus conj Vesta, IC 4 Gemini Sun5 Gemini.
    It wil shoot me out of my shoes into the universe… I am both scared and excited. Asc 5 Aqua, Mars conj DSC in Leo, Uranus 3 Scorpio – hot mess for everyone with fixed factors in their chart! Just like for me…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Jessica,

    You say that there’s a new moon in Taurus In May, just before Uranus enters Taurus. Uranus enters Taurus in March!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lesley – you’re right. Uranus does enter Taurus in March this year, but this post was written last year when Uranus entered Taurus in May! Maybe I’ll update it to include the full date to avoid confusion. Thanks for pointing it out!


  6. I have been coming back to this blog every now and then. Heh, I love reading a fellow astrologer that sees the colors in the cycles. When I was younger about 25 years ago getting into astrology this life again, Uranus was the planet that really awoke my transit/cycle mind. I’m talking historical going back in time. I had the “Zodiac” DOS computer program with animated transits, wow.

    So yeah, if you look back at Uranus going into Aquarius, it’s scary and I remember watching it happen with my program. Having no idea this is what would come(mutated technology addictions, it was so awe inspiring back then). But using that transit period as a reference and how we are living the “effects” of that almost 20 years later, this is going to be a rough period for those that devoted themselves to the marriage of technology and abandonment of reality.

    Luckily, I got a Taurs venus so I never lost my love for our planet, but I still ended up being an Android dev making music apps. 🙂 haha

    Love your stuff, whoever reads your writing is getting some good wavs.

    I might have to comment more, you kind of really get me thinking about this stuff again. Anybody reading this… If you are really interested in having some crazy visions, follow Uranus back 300-400 years and come back to now and watch the insane evolution unfold with this planetary cycle.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, the Great Depression was the last Taurus cycle. 🙂 World War 1 into World War 2 and the “age” of Gemini and aircraft transportation and communications networking.

        The funny thing is, as much as I love being a part of the collective most of the time it makes me sick. You have the rich that “run” the world, but they are not running anything, just their egos.

        You would hope beyond currency and money and things and things, that the one real value that could be learned from this transit is recycling of all kinds. Putting technology into a real place on earth that was part of the earth.

        I just used my Venus Taurus as an example but I have always had a love / hate relationship with technology. On one had it’s great and allows us to think beyond what we can see. On the other had it is destroying the real things that bind humanity.

        So as people hope for “Unconditional Basic Income”, I hope for a system where start to end recycling is a value. How can you create these false utopian ideals for society when you can’t even take care of your trash. We build things that do not use replaceable components, there is no value in these economies for things to be reused.

        This is my prediction for the next 10 years, for an economy to resurface that can benefit all, it has to benefit the value components, smaller pieces that can be reassembled for use with other pieces. (pieces is abstract here)

        My point is, the last paragraph goes along with what you said about tool sharing, community libraries of fundamental tools and equipment. This would then bring back mechanics and people that valued fixing things and keeping them going like me. 🙂

        I digress though because Humans just have these egos that will not quit, even to their deaths.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m so glad to read this right now.
    I’ve literally just decided to give up my council flat so that I can go live on farms and learn more about agriculture and food sustainability and reducing plastic waste in Asia.
    And going through my own Saturn return. I love the Capricorn heavy thing I got going in. Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.. plus a nice firey Aries moon 🙂 🙂
    While I’m here, as an also aspiring writer I would like to offer feedback if you would accept.

    You’re writing is profound but as website content it is too long (And I have a very sharp focus but I still need to pause).. it can be ‘dumbed’ down into shorter content for those if us who can’t stare at a screen that long. Hooooooowever, because You’re writing is so prfound- in that’s it’s detailed and aligned and current to the times, it would make amazing book material if structured in a thematic way to a particular audience. Say marketing folk. You are looking at future things to come from planetary influences and it would be useful for people to see the magic of astrology in this way.. as I can very much see what you see and it’s obvious the knowledge seems to flow through you into something concrete.

    Anyway, mostly, thank you. Very glad to have come across you and your writings over the last few months. X x x

    Liked by 1 person


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