Happy Solstice and Thank You!

Merry Solstice and a Happy New Year to all my lovely readers!

Thanks for visiting and reading my ramblings this year! An especially big thank you to those who donated – particularly Denise Byron and Roi Wamboldt – you’ve made it possible for me to continue running this site for another year.

I’d also like to officially thank Duncan Roads for publishing my article on the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Nexus magazine, Vol. 27, No. 1 – out now!

And a huge fierce thank you to Anaiya Sophia for including some of my work in her essential new book Fierce Feminine Rising, about healing predatory relationships – details here!

The Astrology of 2020 post is here. In the meantime, get ready for the holidays by exploring the meaning of Capricorn, and the Origins of Christmas – both pagan, and shamanic

Wishing you a great holiday season – whatever you’re doing – and see you next year for the big one!


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