Update on Works in Progress and Buy Me A Coffee

Some of you may have come across my new Buy Me A Coffee page, launched last week with the free Handless Maiden pdf. A big thank you to everyone who has downloaded it so far and for the lovely cups of tea! This is a quick note to give you more details on the Buy Me A Coffee adventure and how you can get involved, if you’re interested.

The BMC page is a way for you to support my work and help to keep the website running so I can continue to share my ramblings. Think of it as a tip jar, or perhaps a swear jar! I may be in the gutter but I’m looking at the stars. 🤩

There are various ways to get involved. You can be a Follower, a Supporter or a Member. The first two don’t require a BMC account and you can follow or support anonymously. However, you will need to sign up if you’d like to become a member so you can change or manage your subscription.

Following is easy – just click the button and add your email address, or claim a free Extra. You’ll receive email updates whenever a public post goes live on the page, and you can unfollow at any time.

You can become a Supporter by making a donation and buying a cup of tea or choosing to donate for a free one. Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive email updates for all the public posts, and as with Followers, you can unsubscribe at any time.

You can become a Member and provide support on a regular basis by signing up to become a Star 🌟. You can choose to pay monthly or receive a discount for paying annually. And as before, you’ll receive an email whenever new posts go live and you can unsubscribe at any time.

I’m currently working on various projects including a new astrology book called Astro Journal 2022. This is a diary/journal to help you engage with the process of growth and awakening through astrology. It includes details on the major alignments and transits, with space for you to plan and track the effect on your chart and life.

The plan is to have the journal ready for Christmas but we’re heading into some extreme astrological weather over the next couple of months and things could get complicated. I’ll do my best. There’s a taster coming next week covering the astrology of October 2021, and I plan to cover November and December too.

You can get these posts early by supporting or following the Buy Me A Coffee page. The posts will be going up there a couple of days before they land here. Visit the page to get started: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jessicadavidson

More details on how it works here, or read the FAQ on Buy Me A Coffee here.

See you over there soon! 🍵🙏


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