Notes on Apocalypse – Wetiko Awakening

Last time we explored the nature of the wetiko psychosis that’s sending us all loopy. We’ve become trapped in a vicious cycle of unconscious reactivity and shadow projection that threatens to destroy everything we care about. But it’s not all bad news. Wetiko is actually helping us to wake up – if we take the… Continue reading Notes on Apocalypse – Wetiko Awakening

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Notes on Apocalypse – Wetiko Psychosis

Last time we looked at the collective dark night of the soul and how it’s triggered by the collapse of the false self and its narratives. Next we need to explore how to deal with this meltdown and come out the other side. What do you do when confronted by a manifestation of the darkest… Continue reading Notes on Apocalypse – Wetiko Psychosis

Dharma Diary

Getting Serious about Spiritual Practice

Well, the year is almost over and the Saturn Pluto conjunction is only just warming up. I hope it’s not giving you too much of a hard time, dear reader, and that you’re doing the necessary work – especially because next year, things could get serious. We’re all going to have to bring our best… Continue reading Getting Serious about Spiritual Practice


Julian of Norwich: The problem of evil

This extract from Revelations of Divine Love is chapter 32 from the thirteenth revelation. Here Julian discusses the problem of evil and carefully skirts around the teachings of the church. She explains the importance of faith and offers a reminder that we can’t know how God achieves his plan. What seems impossible to us, isn’t… Continue reading Julian of Norwich: The problem of evil

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Sympathy for the Devil: the Nature of Evil

Where there is light, there is darkness, but hidden within the dark are the seeds of creation and the key to finding the light. In the last two posts we met the predator and discovered how he works in the story of Bluebeard. It’s time to get our hands dirty and jump into the viper’s… Continue reading Sympathy for the Devil: the Nature of Evil

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Going Dark: Stalking the Predator

“One does not become conscious by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – CG Jung There’s a demonic creature that stalks us through our nightmares. He targets the innocent and the hopeful. He squats in the dark, hidden until he attacks. He wants to destroy us, to stop us from growing… Continue reading Going Dark: Stalking the Predator


Two Wolves: How to embrace your Dark Side

No doubt you’ve heard the story of the two wolves and the importance of feeding the right one. The idea is you’re meant to feed the ‘good wolf’ and the ‘bad wolf’ will wither away from neglect. But this isn’t how the story actually goes. Somehow, our way of telling this tale has become distorted,… Continue reading Two Wolves: How to embrace your Dark Side