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Red Book Dialogues: Dark Night and Soul Retrieval

This brilliant dialogue between Jack Kornfield and Katherine Sanford explores some of the practical applications of Jung’s ideas, such as active imagination and sand play, and they talk about how we can come to terms with our suffering by going on an inner journey, or soul retrieval.

We’ve lost touch with our inner life and that’s why the world is so crazy and destructive. The world has become the dumping ground for what we refuse to face in ourselves – the ‘chaos of our own emptiness’, as Katherine Sandford describes it. We’re experiencing a global dark night of the soul caused by the collapse of the materialism that has driven society for too long. It’s an initiation that demands we live from the soul and become authentic. They also look at the rebirth that follows the dark night and provide a guided meditation to help you discover your hidden inner gifts.


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Red Book Dialogues: Becoming Conscious

This is a fascinating and spirited dialogue between Rabbi David Wolpe and Lionel Corbett that explores the process of communicating with the unconscious and bringing it to conscious awareness.

Jung explored this process of becoming conscious in the Red Book, an account of his breakdown and how he came to understand the nature of the unconscious and its archetypes. Rabbi Wolpe and Lionel Corbett look at some of the beautiful images Jung created during his crisis, and have a wide ranging discussion that touches on the nature of the divine, the reality of the psyche, whether a human being is really one with God, and the nature of evil.


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The Flammarion Engraving: Escaping the Crystal Sphere

This image is a sliver of a well-known wood engraving by an unknown artist. I’ve used it as a banner for my website in the past, so thought I would look into its history and find out more about who created it. The image is often attributed to Camille Flammarion because it first appeared in his… Continue reading The Flammarion Engraving: Escaping the Crystal Sphere