Being Creative in a Mad World: Learning

To be creative means to be open to life and curious about what’s going on and why. If you want to create something meaningful you must educate yourself: demand to know everything there is to know, whether about the world around you or the world inside you.

Don’t rely on the establishment or status quo to provide you with an education, as they tend to teach only what they want you to know. Seek out the hidden and taboo, the forbidden thing which must be spoken or understood.

Shun ignorance. It closes down your options and makes you vulnerable to manipulation and control.

Knowledge is Power.

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Use every resource at your disposal. The internet is fantastic but unless used wisely can tend toward superficiality, feeding ignorance until it swells into a gargantuan dunce’s hat.

Slow down and think about the information you gather on your little educative jaunts. Knowledge is only powerful if you know how it all connects up.

True wisdom takes time.

So use the internet by all means, but remember it’s just one resource. Don’t forget books, magazines and libraries, and the best source of learning – other people.

As long as you remain curious and open you will always learn regardless of the resources at hand, and you will always be creative.

What stirs your curiosity? What do you need to learn? Share your knowledge below…  Next time: Stopping

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