3 thoughts on “The Story Behind Jupiter

    1. Ha! No – perhaps they’re not the best examples. Both films are about adventurers, characters who want to expand their horizons.

      In Gattaca, Vincent wants to explore the universe but can’t because of his genetics so he has to find a way to trick the system into letting him fulfil his dreams.

      In 127 Hours, Aron is always looking for the next adventure but never stops to think about what any of it means. Getting stuck under the rock forces him to discover resources within himself he didn’t know were there – a kind of inner adventure – that enhances his sense of meaning, even if he has to pay for it by losing an arm.


      1. Hmm…odd picks for adventurers, though. Most of the epic adventure stories I think of don’t have armies trying to stop the traveler from crossing the landscape. War finds them when they get to where they are going.

        Okay, I see it with Gattaca. He wants to road trip and doesn’t have a license.

        And, I guess I can see it with 127 Hours, but the idea of getting stuck and cutting off an arm…I had my 127 Hours experience this year. I don’t want to watch it in film form.

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