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How to Steal Fire from the Gods

Traditional human power structures and their reign of darkness are about to be rendered obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

We have reached a turning point in human history. It goes by many names – the Spiritual Revolution, or Consciousness Revolution, the Tipping Point, the Great Turning, the Shift, Awakening, Ascension, and the Age of Aquarius.

I call it the Promethean Age

The story of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods is about humanity being given the gift of conscious self-awareness, but we tend to misuse that gift and turn our minds into weapons of mass destruction/distraction.

The Promethean Age gives us the opportunity to wake up and use our minds the way they’re meant to be used. It’s time for humanity to become fully human, and create a civilisation worthy of the name – a truly awakened civilisation.

The new paradigm is a revolution of values and meaning which includes a global dark night of the soul. Humanity is going through a spiritual death-rebirth process and will emerge on the other side stronger, happier, and saner. We’re seeing the birth of a vision that places humanity at the heart of the cosmos and this transformation will changing us:

from a materialistic worldview  ➼  to a holistic worldview

from seeing ourselves as separate  ➼  to unity consciousness

from identification with the ego  ➼  to harmony with the soul

As an individual, you can help this process by becoming as conscious and self-aware as you can – by embracing your Promethean Fire.

Agenda Awakening

How to Steal Fire

My intention for this blog is to provide some tools to help you become more conscious. Astrology can provide a framework for this process of awakening. It’s a system for making the unconscious conscious and increasing self-knowledge. Astrology can also provide a timetable for awakening – after all, it makes sense to cooperate with the cosmos. You’re heading in the direction of increased consciousness anyway and resistance only slows you down!

To awaken you must re-integrate the shadow (or unconscious) and become whole. To do this, you need to uncover the unconscious aspects of yourself.

Astrology is a great way to understand how this process happens and can be used to shine a light into the darkness. It reveals how you are intimately connected with the cosmos. Each placement and transit in your horoscope contains a lesson or poses a question, so studying astrology can empower you to grow in self-awareness. Your chart is the universe challenging you to wake up – it’s saying: this is what you must work with – what will you make of it?

How will you make the unconscious conscious?

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