Traditional Correspondences: Scorpio

Scorpio GlyphThe zodiac sign of Scorpio (23 October – 22 November) is symbolised by the Scorpion.

The glyph represents the coiled Kundalini serpent with its head pointing up which shows the transcendent nature of the sign.

Scorpio Basics

Ruler: Mars & Pluto Exultation: Uranus
Natural House: 8th house Fall: Moon
Quality: Fixed Detriment: Venus
Element: Water Polarity: Negative / Feminine

Scorpio Correspondences

Day: Tuesday
Number: 9
Physiology: Genitals, reproductive organs, bladder
Illnesses: Reproductive issues, rheumatism, ruptures & abscesses
Colours: Dark red, maroon, black
Metal: Iron & Steel
Birthstone: Opal
Season: Mid-autumn
Foods: Onions, leeks, meat, spicy & strong tasting foods
Herbs: Witch hazel, aloes, catmint, milk thistle, horseradish, ginseng
Plants: Geraniums, rhododendrons, honeysuckle, heather, gentian, any dark red flowers
Trees: Hawthorn, bushy trees, Blackthorn, Bramble, Birch
Animals: Scorpions, Eagles, Beetles and insects
Places: Syria, Norway, South Africa, desert islands, anywhere near water, muddy swamps & marshes, stagnant pools, caves, moors, orchards & vineyards, battlefields


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