Writer’s Manifesto: B is for Beginner’s Mind

Manifesto B

When you begin, you know nothing.

When you think you know what you’re doing – you don’t.

Beginner’s Mind keeps your writing alive.

>Writer’s Manifesto (pdf)

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Manifesto: B is for Beginner’s Mind

  1. Beautiful imagery and words in those. You could make a writers divination deck from them. Print them as small laminated cards which you could place in a nice drawstring bag, meditate for a few minutes and draw one out: now what is my writing lesson for the day!

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      1. You’re welcome. I wouldn’t mind a set of those myself for when I eventually begin a novel. It would help me to appreciate the spiritual aspects of the writing process much better. Great to hear from you. Warmest regards.


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