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Review: Writing as a Sacred Path – Jill Jepson

Writing as a Sacred Path by Jill Jepson is a practical guide to discovering the deeper purpose behind your writing. She describes writing as a vocation or calling; not just a job you do, but something you feel compelled to do regardless of the outcome. Writing becomes a central part of your life and you… Continue reading Review: Writing as a Sacred Path – Jill Jepson

Apocalypse · Buddhism

A Prophecy for Our Time: Shambhala Warrior Prophecy

This prophecy is about the rise of the Bodhisattva, or Spiritual Warrior – a person of great courage who fights with compassion and insight. All of us are potential spiritual warriors. Joanna Macy tells the tale beautifully in this inspiring video and shows what it takes to be a Bodhisattva today…

“There comes a time when all life on earth is in danger. At that time, great powers have arisen – barbarian powers. And although they waste their wealth in preparation to annihilate each other, they have much in common…”



You are the sky


“You are the sky. Everything else, it’s just the weather.”

This is my favourite quote from Pema Chodron. No matter what I’m going through, remembering this simple truth can clear my mind and bring me back to my centre faster than almost anything else. Even during the worst storms, the sky is clear behind the clouds…

Dark Night of the Soul

Dying to Live: Dancing in the Flames

I recently watched a fascinating film about the life of Jungian analyst Marion Woodman, known for her work on feminine psychology and addiction. The film features interviews with Marion by the mystic Andrew Harvey, covering the mysteries of death and rebirth, and how the soul grows through surrender, as illustrated by Marion’s life and her… Continue reading Dying to Live: Dancing in the Flames


Music opens a secret door in time to eternity

Music plays an important role in my novel Addled because the heroine, Zoe Popper, learns so much about how to be present and in the moment from her musician boyfriend, Jonah and his band Dionysus Wept. She first hears Jonah sing in Chapter 5 and is transported, amazed by the way the individual band members… Continue reading Music opens a secret door in time to eternity


On the Journey of Life Be Everywhere You Are

This is a beautiful passage from Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by Irish poet John O’Donohue on the importance of taking the time to slow down and smell the roses. Life can’t be swallowed in one big gulp… you must sip and savour… “Often we approach things with greed and urgency. We do not like to… Continue reading On the Journey of Life Be Everywhere You Are