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Mystic Warrior Practice – Introduction

The Mystic Warrior Practice is a comprehensive plan to transform every area of my life. If you read my last rambling post, you’ll know I reacted badly to a shadow eruption that almost derailed my spiritual practice. Thankfully, I was able see through the ruse and I’m now in the process of sorting myself out… Continue reading Mystic Warrior Practice – Introduction


Music opens a secret door in time to eternity

Music plays an important role in my novel Addled because the heroine, Zoe Popper, learns so much about how to be present and in the moment from her musician boyfriend, Jonah and his band Dionysus Wept. She first hears Jonah sing in Chapter 5 and is transported, amazed by the way the individual band members… Continue reading Music opens a secret door in time to eternity


On the Journey of Life Be Everywhere You Are

This is a beautiful passage from Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by Irish poet John O’Donohue on the importance of taking the time to slow down and smell the roses. Life can’t be swallowed in one big gulp… you must sip and savour… “Often we approach things with greed and urgency. We do not like to… Continue reading On the Journey of Life Be Everywhere You Are

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The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

“The first time an Ashaninca man told me that he had learned the medicinal properties of plants by drinking a hallucinogenic brew, I thought he was joking. …But he was not smiling.” The Cosmic Serpent is a fascinating exploration of the links between DNA and molecular biology by anthropologist Jeremy Narby. While doing fieldwork in… Continue reading The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge


Death comes to us all – even cups…

Broken Cup

Oh boy! Oh boy!” cried the monk-on-probation who had just cracked the Zen Master’s favourite (and valuable) drinking cup.

The frightened youngster went to the Zen Master and asked, “Why must there be death?

The Master answered, “Death is natural. It comes to all persons and things. We should not greet it with fear or meet death with anger. Why do you ask?

Because, Master, death has come upon your cup.

– Zen Fables For Today


Yoga Pants: A Day of Yoga (and swearing!)

I dream of being a flexible yogini. To balance with poise and grace, and wrap my feet around my neck. Such strength, such self-mastery. I can’t even touch my toes! There are many kinds of yoga, but my kind involves a lot of swearing – not exactly the spirit of the thing. Years of bad… Continue reading Yoga Pants: A Day of Yoga (and swearing!)