How to Interpret Natal Mercury

mercuryMercury represents how you think and communicate, your mental faculties, nervous system and reactions. It also shows how you learn. Mercury is the meeting point between the Sun and the Moon, so it connects the unconscious with the conscious mind.

Mercury by Sign

  • Mercury’s sign placement shows how your mind works, how you think, learn, take information in and digest your experience.
  • It also shows how you communicate, exchange ideas and connect with others through the mind.
  • Mercury’s sign reveals what kinds of things you think about and what you tend to notice in your environment.

Mercury by House

  • Mercury’s house placement shows where you feel restless and curious, where you’re always looking for more information. You’ll be changeable and adaptable here, as well as clever, inventive, and possibly deceitful. See also the houses containing Gemini and Virgo.
  • This house shows the kind of things you like to think about, what concerns you and tends to occupy your mind.
  • It also shows where you might have issues with relatives, neighbours, and co-workers.

Aspects to Mercury

  • Planets in aspect to Mercury show more about the way your mind works and how you think, as well as your experience of education and learning.
  • Aspects can also reveal how you communicate and share information.
  • They show what interests you and what you like to think and talk about.
  • Aspects to Mercury show the nature of your relationships to relatives, siblings (if you have them), neighbours, and co-workers.
  • They also show what you can expect to experience when travelling short distances around your neighbourhood or within your own country.
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