How to Interpret Natal Venus

venusVenus represents how you relate and connect with others, and how you attract things you value and desire, as well as what you find attractive. It shows the need for balance, harmony and happiness, and is also linked with the arts, finances, your social life and feelings of attractiveness and sensuality.

Venus by Sign

  • The Venus sign shows the kinds of qualities you value, and what you find attractive in others, art, the environment, or in ideas. When you develop these qualities and bring them into your life you feel more whole and complete as a person. You may also have talents related to your Venus sign.
  • This sign shows the image you carry of your ‘beloved’ and what kinds of experiences you have in relationships, your attitude to love and other social interactions. It shows how you give and receive affection, how you try to harmonise and share with others, and how you dress up to make yourself attractive.
  • The Venus sign also reveals the anima image of the feminine side of the psyche (along with the Moon).

Venus by House

  • The house placement of Venus shows the area where you seek greater fulfilment, beauty and pleasure, so getting involved in these activities make you feel more complete. You may have talents related to this area too. Check out the houses containing Taurus and Libra for more clues.
  • This house shows the area of life you appreciate and value highly.
  • It also shows where you seek peace and harmony, and where you’ll be more seductive to attract others.
  • The Venus house can show where you feel competitive or envious of others who have what you’d like to have. You may also experience disillusionment or be critical of others when they don’t live up to your ideals in this area.
  • This house is also where you’ll encounter issues with money, finances and possessions.

Aspects to Venus

  • Planets in aspect to Venus show other qualities you value or find attractive, and influence your anima image and the kind of people you love. They also show how you make yourself attractive to others and draw them to you.
  • Venus aspects influence the experiences you have in love relationships, the kinds of conflicts, tensions and lessons you’ll encounter in close partnerships.
  • Aspects to Venus can show talents or gifts you may have, and will also influence issues around money and possessions.
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