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A Guide to Stealing Fire during Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde happens less often than Mercury so it can take you by surprise. It goes retrograde only once every 18 months and provides an opportunity to delve into all things Venusian. In this post we’ll look at what you can expect from Venus retrograde cycles and how to make the most of these important… Continue reading A Guide to Stealing Fire during Venus Retrograde


Jupiter Transits to Venus

When Jupiter transits natal Venus the desire for growth and expansion influences your relationships and finances. Jupiter represents aspirations to expand and improve your life by broadening your horizons and opening up new possibilities for growth. When Jupiter transits Venus it expands your social interactions and relationships, your financial situation, values, and feelings of attractiveness.… Continue reading Jupiter Transits to Venus


Astrological Keywords for the Planets: Venus

Venus represents how you relate to others, express affection and feel appreciated. The essential keywords for the Venus are: Harmony, Values, and Relatedness. Desires represented by Venus: the urge to be sociable and express affections, and the urge for pleasure Needs represented by Venus: the need to feel close to others and share emotions Venus… Continue reading Astrological Keywords for the Planets: Venus