Saturn Transits to Venus

When Saturn transits natal Venus the need for security and achievement influences your values and relationships. Saturn represents the structures and limitations of your life, and what you need to do in order to be true to yourself and build the life you want.

When Saturn transits natal Venus it encourages you to assess your values and relationships to see if you’re getting what you want and need out of life. The hard angles – conjunction, square, and opposition – tend to coincide with times when your relationships go through tests and challenges, and you might not feel very good about yourself either. Saturn cramps your style, blocks your desires from being fulfilled, and forces you to cut back on spending so you can’t even cheer yourself up by shopping.

These transits make you more aware of your instinctive needs for love and relationship, usually by denying them. Saturn damps down your passion and switches off your body so you don’t feel the way you usually do. This can cause problems with intimacy and relationships. You want more satisfaction and closeness, but you’re not getting what you need. You may be tempted to look elsewhere, or feel unable to connect with anyone which makes you feel lonely and isolated. Or perhaps you want to be alone and this drives others away.

Whatever happens, these transits are about getting a clearer sense of what you really need in relationships and what love means to you. It’s time to be realistic and stop chasing after the perfect fantasy relationship that will solve all your problems and make you feel better about yourself. Honesty and self-acceptance should be the basis for all your relationships, so Saturn forces you to get real. True self-worth comes from within, and if a relationship doesn’t allow you to be true to yourself then it will probably end during a hard angle transit from Saturn to your Venus.

When Saturn contacts Venus there can also be health problems, such as hormonal imbalances, issues around sexual health, and generally not feeling well. There may also be weight problems, eating disorders, and issues with feelings of attractiveness and aging. You may feel under par, unattractive, or plain old ugly because Saturn puts the spotlight on how you relate to your own femininity, whether you’re male or female. This gives you the opportunity to assess your self-worth and look more closely at what you value about yourself and life.

Your finances and spending power may be diminished, and you might have to manage with less for a while. This forces you to conserve what you have and to not take things for granted. You can get a clearer sense of what matters, so you stop wasting time and money on things that are frivolous or unnecessary.

These transits can mark a time of getting organised and working towards career goals, especially if your relationships aren’t going well. You might not get the recognition or support that you would like, but your hard work will pay off later. Saturn can help to bring discipline and focus, especially to creative work, so now is a good time to bring your creative projects into form. It may be more of a struggle with the hard angles, but if you’re willing to work hard you can achieve a lot.

Possibilities with Saturn transiting Venus:
  • Marriage or committing to a relationship
  • Break up of a relationship
  • Working hard on creative projects
  • Redecorating your home
  • Consolidating your finances
Watch out for:
  • Low self-esteem and lack of self-worth
  • Health problems
  • Difficulties with money and finances

This is a time of self-examination and an opportunity to grow in maturity so you can build more meaningful connections with others. Saturn helps you to focus and channel your emotional power more effectively into relationships and/or creative projects. All relationships will undergo testing and trials during this time, but only the ones that don’t work well enough will end. See this as an opportunity to discover what you really need. If a relationship ends it’s because you’re ready to move on and change the way you relate to others. Saturn transits to Venus also indicate marriage and the development of long-lasting relationships that have a solid grounding in love and mutual respect.


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