Saturn Transits to Mars

When Saturn transits natal Mars the need for security and achievement influences your energy levels and how you assert yourself. Saturn represents the structures and limitations of your life, and what you need to do in order to be true to yourself and build the life you want.

When Saturn transits natal Mars it forces you to become more aware of how you take action in the world and go after what you want. The hard angles – conjunction, square, and opposition – crystallise your assertiveness drive and slow things down so you’ll probably feel quite restricted and frustrated. You may not be able to do what you want because others oppose you, or every time you try to move forward something pops up to stop you.

When you can’t get what you want, you feel infuriated and impatient, but you might not be able to express your anger either. Be careful of carrying around suppressed rage because it can make you ill or explode in your face when you least expect it. You may also become the victim of somebody else’s rage, especially if you’re denying your own anger.

If you feel depressed or hopeless during these transits, it’s a sign that you need to rethink what you’re doing and where you’re putting your energy. You could experience high levels of stress and burnout, especially if you’re working hard at something that doesn’t really mean anything to you.

The hard angles from Saturn happen every 7 years and they provide an opportunity to look at what you’re doing and trying to achieve so you can decide whether it’s right for you. Saturn lowers your energy which forces you to slow down and conserve energy. You may only have the energy to do what is strictly necessary, but this is a great way to learn about what you really need. You only feel frustrated if you try to push beyond where you’re capable of going. Saturn doesn’t want you to waste your energy doing things that don’t really matter or that aren’t going to give you what you need. You might just have to slow down and do things the hard way.

This is a testing time for your ambitions and desire to get ahead. You might experience set backs and failures, but remember that these transits don’t last forever. Use this time to learn about what you’re trying to achieve. Be cautious and make solid plans to move ahead when the transit is over.

The harmonious transits – sextile and trine – make it easier to do what you want and people in authority will be generally supportive of your actions. These are good times to work hard to build your career and make progress towards whatever it is that you want to achieve. You’ll be more realistic in your approach and this will make you more productive because you feel disciplined and willing to work hard.

These transits also change your approach towards sex and sexuality. Saturn asks you to think more deeply about what sex means to you, and the answer will depend on the age you are when the transit happens. This is about looking at what you need on a personal level instead of trying to live up to some social ideal or pressure to behave a certain way. The transit tends to lower your libido so you’ll have less energy, but this means it’s more focused inwards and this gives you the opportunity to learn about how your energy works and how to focus it effectively.

Possibilities with Saturn transiting Mars:
  • Laying the groundwork for long-range goals
  • Building a career
  • Working hard on projects
  • Increased productivity
Watch out for:
  • Pointless arguments with others
  • Low energy
  • Depression and/or rage
  • Accidents or injuries
  • High blood pressure or inflammatory illnesses

Saturn transits to Mars are about discovering what you really want and need. Despite the lowering of your energy, you might find it hard to relax, even with the harmonious transits, but you can learn a lot about how to balance ambition with spontaneity. You can become more aware of your innate power and understand how you can direct your energy more consciously and with greater effectiveness in the future. Saturn helps you to discover realistic goals that are achievable if you’re willing to make the effort. You can work hard at projects that will bear fruit later and create something that has the potential to endure for a long time.


  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Transits – Betty Lundsted
  • Saturn in Transit – Erin Sullivan
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3 thoughts on “Saturn Transits to Mars

  1. This is by far the most adequate approach of trying to explain this transit!
    We should cherish the time that is given to us in order to gain awareness of who we are, to truly meet our own capacity for meaningful life.
    Thank you!

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