Saturn Transits to Saturn

When Saturn transits natal Saturn the need for security and achievement influences the structures and limitations of your life, and what you need to do in order to be true to yourself and build the life you want. Saturn transits happen within a cycle of 28 years and the hard angles (conjunction, square and opposition) represent important testing phases in your life. These happen about every seven years, and the full cycle starts with the conjunction.

The Saturn Return marks the beginning of a new cycle that happens at ages 28-30, 58-60, and 88-90. What you experience depends on how you’ve dealt with Saturn before the transit; in other words, whether you’ve been realistic and responsible in working towards your goals, and how well you have embodied and expressed your true nature.

If you haven’t managed to do this, the Saturn return will be harder and more stressful. You may be forced to change and have to deal with practical problems that you’ve avoided until now. This may involve a serious identity crisis if you haven’t been true to yourself, but it’s usually experienced as a mix of constructive changes and difficult challenges, depending on aspects to your natal Saturn and other transits that are happening at the same time.

The Saturn return is when you become more aware of your responsibilities, not just to others, but to yourself. Saturn makes you notice your limitations and what you must be. You can free yourself from past conditioning and finally become who you’re destined to be, based on the knowledge of your real talents and needs. You may feel that time is slipping away and that you must change now or it will be too late. This is just the internal pressure coming from Saturn to make you focus on what’s important and stop wasting time on things that aren’t real for you.

When Saturn transits natal Saturn it’s a time of self-evaluation and testing so you can develop a stronger sense of who you are. It’s an opportunity to discover where you fit and what role you can play in society. This may involve a confrontation with authority that forces you to think more deeply about what you’re trying to accomplish. Or you may willingly take on more responsibility and grow towards developing inner authority.

The more conscious you are of what you’re doing, the better you’ll be able to handle these transits. If you don’t work towards becoming who you’re meant to be, your life will become harder and it’ll make you miserable. At best, these transits help you to achieve your goals and build good solid structures in your life that are flexible enough to allow you to continue to grow and change over time.

Saturn transits to Saturn can bring real achievement and success if you’ve put the work in over the years. Anything that you’ve handled well, could bear fruit at these times, especially during the opposition. But you can also experience unexpected failures that force you to change your approach and do some soul searching to discover a new path. If you do experience success now, it will probably bring increased responsibility and hard work, so you might not enjoy it as much as you thought you would. Even if things don’t go so well, these can be productive times when you can gain more self-understanding and wisdom.

Possibilities with Saturn transiting Saturn:
  • Changing jobs or moving residence
  • Re-evaluating relationships
  • Growing in maturity
  • Taking on more responsibility
  • Achieving long-term goals
Watch out for:
  • Reaping karmic seeds sown in ignorance
  • Collapsing life structures
  • Ending a relationship
  • Feeling insecure or inadequate
  • Depression

Ultimately, these transits are about the process of individuation and becoming whole. They provide an opportunity for course correction if you’ve ended up going down the wrong path. The entire cycle should be seen as a spiral, and events from earlier parts of your life will often be revisited later in order for you to deepen your understanding and grow.

You can’t be everything that you want to be in one lifetime, so Saturn forces you to choose and to make the necessary changes to bring your true Self into manifestation. If you want to become all that you can be, you must work with Saturn because it provides the foundation and the structure you need, and that can only be achieved over time.


  • Planets in Transit – Robert Hand
  • Saturn in Transit – Erin Sullivan
  • Astrology, Karma & Transformation – Stephen Arroyo
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